ACNH Festivale Decorations & Designs - Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale Island Design Ideas and Codes
2/5/2021 11:35:19 AM

Festivale is just around the corner in Animal Crossing New Horizons, have you got your island ready for the celebration? On that day, you can dance with Pave and celebrate with your villagers. Here we collect some fantastic ACNH Festivale decoration and design ideas for your island, as well as Festivale inspired design codes for costumes, outfits, and more. 

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ACNH Festivale Decorations & Designs for Your Island Outdoor and Interior 

How to prepare for the Festivale, here are some ACNH Festivale designs you can take a look. These images are mainly from Twitter and Reddit, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete.

1. Festivale Sewing Room

ACNH Festivale is based on the real-world Mardi Gras/Carnival event, which typically involves elaborate costumes and masks that allow people to set aside their everyday individuality, in New Horizons, there are also colorful dresses available for players to purchase and wear in celebration of the event. The sewing room design from @dizzys_designs (stacy.crossing on IG) shows residents are getting ready for Festivale by making their own costumes, which is cute and adorable.

ACNH Festivale Decoration 1

2. Festivale Street

Ready for Festivale decoration is a happy thing, you can make your island full of festive atmosphere. Another great idea from Reddit user u/mschll3179 is the build of a Festivale street using the Festivale Balloon Lamp, Festivale Float, Festivale Parasol, and more themed Animal Crossing items, to enhance the feeling around the island. You can add a Festivale Stall as well.

ACNH Festivale Decoration 2

3. Festivale Bedroom

When it comes to interior decoration, Festivale items are also a good choice. From Festivale bedroom design from Reddit user u/miss_acnh, maybe you can get some inspiration from it. The Festivale furniture matches well with the log furniture. 

ACNH Festivale Decoration 3

4. Festivale Stage

A dancing area is important for getting your island ready for Festivale. You can complete the design just with several Festivale Stage items! Festivale Stage comes in five variations, including rainbow colors, purple, orange, green and blue. You can put every single one on your room floor or plaza, it seems amazing when the lights are flashing. Take a look at the examples from u/SpeakToMeBones from Reddit and @BluNor1 from Twitter. 

ACNH Festivale Decoration 4

ACNH Festivale Decoration 5

5. Confetti Path/Ground

Inspired by the design from Twitter user @skaenund, confetti looks adorable and aesthetically pleasing especially on the white ground, if you don’t want to get a large area of confetti, a confetti border on your path can be considered. Festivale Confetti machine can help you spout out confetti where you want.

ACNH Festivale Decoration 6

ACNH Festivale Design Codes for Costumes, Dress, Path, Stall and More

Except for Festivale themed items provided in the game, colorful custom designs inspired by feathers, Pave, and Carnival elements also brings enthusiasm!

ACNH Festivale Stall Design by @kuyacoy

ACNH Festivale Design 1

ACNH Festivale Feather Design by @kuyacoy

ACNH Festivale Design 2

ACNH Festivale Dress Design by @hayley_fail

ACNH Festivale Design 3

ACNH Festivale Dress Design by @Trashlord98

ACNH Festivale Design 4

ACNH Festivale Dress Design by @Pandiberri

ACNH Festivale Design 5

ACNH Festivale Costumes Design by @RoyalTrashBag

ACNH Festivale Design 6

ACNH Festivale Clothes Design by @RoyalTrashBags

ACNH Festivale Design 7

ACNH Festivale Patterns by @skaenund

ACNH Festivale Design 8

ACNH Festivale Patterns by @skaenund

ACNH Festivale Design 9

ACNH Festivale Pave Inspired Outfit by @PatternsAcnh

ACNH Festivale Design 10


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