ACNH April Fools' Day Guide - How To Figure Out Blanca's Pranks & Win Rewards In Animal Crossing New Horizons?
3/16/2021 2:32:03 PM

Ready to face the day of pranks and thwart Blanca's traps? If you still have questions, this short guide of the April Fools' Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons could be useful for you. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons April Fools' Day Event

Like other events celebrating real-world festivals, April Fool's Day is also a special event that brings interesting game content to players in the Animal Crossing category. It is a pity that Nintendo did not bring this event back at the beginning of the game's release, but we are expected to see its return in the large Animal Crossing 1.9 Update that will be released on the first anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizons. So how will the April Fools' Day Event go on in the game? What new rewards and items we could get? Here we go over the details of Animal Crossing's April Fool's Day in the previous AC series.

ACNH April Fools Day

When Does ACNH April Fools' Day Event Start?

On April 1, a faceless little white cat named Blanca will appear in your village. He came to go to your villagers' houses one by one and play pranks on them. You will have to be vigilant and figure out the pretender for winning your villager's picture!

How To Figure Out Blanca in April Fools' Day?

Blanca plans to visit your locals and take their appearance, in order to have fun at their expense (photo 8).

Your Mission:

to unmask it with your innate deduction abilities. If you manage to unmask it, you will be entitled to a photo of the inhabitant concerned.

The Location:

Blanca manifests only in the homes of the inhabitants. When you enter the house, you see double. You'll have to make all the houses.

The Action:

There are two identical characters. Each character will try to persuade you that he or she is the original.

The Clues:

You can tell them apart with clues. Because the "copy" is not accurate, the clues it will give you will be inaccurate. Information relates to your villagers:

  • - The motto/expression

  • - The family situation

  • - The dream / the job you want

  • - The hidden talent /activity where he excels

  • - Birthday

For others, you need to talk to your villagers ahead of April 1. Only one resident a day gives this kind of information.

Your Choice:

When your choice is made, one of the two villagers will give you a towel. This towel will be used to unmask the usurper. You will need to select it from your inventory (hence the interest of having a vacuum space) and hand it over to the usurper.

If your choice is the right one: As a reward, the villager you have helped will give you a photo.

If your choice is the wrong one: You won't get anything.

But don't worry, in both cases, you will have the other villagers to save from Blanca.

More Tips & Tricks for April Fools' Day in Animal Crossing

  • You should have gotten to know all of your villagers. If a character has just arrived in your village, you must introduce yourself to them before speaking to Blanca. Otherwise, Blanca will not come to see it and you will have one less photo.

  • Your inventory must have at least one free space to receive an item: the revelation towel.

  • lIf you want to pass all your evaluations and have a picture of Blanca. I advise you after each successful evaluation to "save and continue" and move on to the next.

  • If you miss your rating turn off your console without backing up and told Resetti that your battery is dead. Then continue your ratings and so on until the end.

  • As for the towel, it is the local you talk to first who gives it to you. So this is not a clue that can help unmask Blanca.

  • You can keep Blanca's towels to hang them on Animal Crossing furniture.

How Does The April Fools Day Event Work In Animal Crossing?

Find Clues From Villagers At The End of March

The last week of March, your villagers will be able, during a trivial conversation, to slip in some information about them. Listen up! You will be able to obtain from a reliable source their currency, their birthday, their family situation, their hidden talent, or even the dream to which they aspire. You do not need to know all this information for each villager before April 1: only one reliable information, obtained before the big day of lies, will be enough to confuse pranksters of all stripes.

Prankster Blanca Arrives Your Island On April 1

On April 1, Blanca will be walking through your town square. She will tell you her "good resolution" of the day: play a trick on all your villagers by pretending to be them! The cat will disappear after you talk with her. 

Go To Villager’s Home To Play Guessing Game

You need to visit your villagers’ homes one by one, once you find two same villagers in one house, then talk to one of them to figure out who is the fake. They will try to prove their identity by revealing information about them that the impostor cannot know: their birthday, their currency, their family situation, their hidden talent, or their dream. So make sure you listen carefully to what each villager says. 

Figure Out Fake and Get Reward

The villager to whom you initially spoke will then offer to decide between them. If you accept, he will hand you a face towel that you will have to give to the impostor, so that he can remove his makeup and reveal his true nature. Once Blanca is unmasked, she will disappear and go off to annoy another of your villagers. And the villager you have just rescued will give you his/her photo as a token of his gratitude!

Keep hunting down the Prank Queen until she completes the house tour. She will then walk innocently through your village until next year. If you have unmasked her each time, you will receive a letter by post the next day congratulating you and her/his photo as a reward!