Animals Crossing: New Horizons-- Hot International Museum Day 2021
5/25/2021 9:12:32 AM

Apart from building islands, participating in activities is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. During the first year of the game's release, Nintendo released several such events, including "Rabbit Day", "Mayday", etc.

The latest event to reach New Horizons is International Museum Day, which is underway. Players who have a museum on the island can participate and have the chance to use special items.

How to join the 2021 International Museum Day Animal Crossing Stamp Rally: New Horizons

International Museum Day (May 18 - May 31): To celebrate International Museum Day, players can participate in the Stamp Fair between May 18 and May 31. after talking to Blathers and earning a special stamp card, the player can admire fish, worms, fossils, and artwork Animal Crossing items while collecting stamps from various museum exhibits.


Immediately after Isabelle announces the event, she visits Blathers at the museum. The cat eagle will discuss the stamp fair with you and provide a stamp card for each part of the museum (including fossils, art, fish, and bugs).

After collecting stamp cards, you must find three stamp machines in an area to complete the card. When the cards are made, they are returned to Blazer to win a prize. It is important to note that you must first talk to the trailblazers and learn about the stamp fair. The Stamp Collector will not work unless you interact with the Owl.


Rewards of the 2021 International Museum Day Stamp Fair Completion

Prizes for completing the fair this year are similar to those for 2020. Players will receive four MEDALS for each museum area they explore, and the addition of an "art" section means this will be the first time we've ever seen an art card in person.

The above activities have already started and will end on May 31. As if the rewards weren't exciting enough for the veterans, they can take part in art plaques at stamp assemblies and visit their museums.

Considering it's one of the most successful games of all time, it's good to see how Nintendo plans to keep New Horizons in the top spot.


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