ACNH Shark Season 2021 Update - How To Catch Sharks In Summer Animal Crossing New Horizons

6/3/2021 10:25:46 AM

With summer season is arriving on Animal Crossing New Horizons, brings us a whole bunch of new content including new holidays and seasonal events to enjoy. Animal Crossing shark season is here! Here we are going to in depth the ACNH shark season guide and going over all sharks in Animal Crossing shark season Update 2021, whilst shark spawn time, shark catching skills as well as what are mystery island tours.


ACNH Shark Season Summer Guide 2021 - Where, When And How To Catch Sharks In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Fortunately, it's finally the summer season in the northern hemisphere, which is the best time to catch sharks. Animal Crossing New Horizons shark season update in June 2021 has brought a lot of larger fish with fins that stick out of the water that can be encountered for the first time this year in the northern hemisphere. Now, the sharks are beginning to spawn, which means there's also a good chance to make a lot of ACNH bells or travel to mystery island tours. During the June shark season  ACNH, there are six finfish in total including the suckerfish, the whale shark, the great white shark, the hammerhead shark, the sawshark and the ocean sunfish which isn't really a shark but still has a fin on its shadow. 


Where To Find Sharks In Animal Crossing New Horizons

All of these giant fish can be encountered throughout the ACNH summer update shark season in the ocean. You can find each of them while fishing off your pier or simply anywhere along your beach.

When To Find Sharks In Animal Crossing New Horizons

All of these finned fish spawn at different times, the suckerfish and whale shark can be encountered all day every day during summer. The great white shark and hammerhead shark,  and saw shark are the most common during the evening from 4 pm and through to 9 am the following morning. Finally, the ocean sunfish can be found during the day from 4 am through to 9 pm.

How Much Are Sharks Worth In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Suckerfish JunSept  All DayAll DaySells for 1,500
Whale SharkJun - SeptAll DaySells for 13,000
Great White Shark Jun - Sept 

4 pm - 9 am 

Sells for 15,000
Hammerhead SharkJun - Sept 4 pm - 9 am Sells for 8,000
Saw Shark JunJun - Sept 4 pm - 9 am Sells for 12,000
Ocean Sunfish Jul - Sept 4 pm - 9 am Sells for 4,000

How To Catch Sharks In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The best thing you can do during ANCH shark season update June is to get yourself an ACNH Nook Miles Ticket heads over to the island at around about 6:30, what you looking for is to go shark fishing in the evening at 6:30 onwards and that will be the opportunity to catch more sharks. The process of catching sharks is pretty much the same as other fish, get the bait right in front of it, as soon as it shows any attention, be ready to press A. If the fishing rod blobs down, then you've heard a little blob sound, that's when you need to press A and reel it in. However, there's a short window for you to reel it in. Make sure you listen for the blob sound carefully and watch for the rod going down, before press A. The tip to catch sharks in Animal Crossing New Horizons is to take your switch out, turn on the vibration, and turn up the volume so that you can hear the blob sound. 

What Is ACNH Shark Fin Island (Mystery Island)

All of these sharks are pretty rare to encounter especially on your main island, you'll stumble across the shark island or dorsal fin island as it's also known as mystery island tour. Dorsal fin island is a mysterious island that due to these sharks' spawning times is only in the random island pool during the summer. When you land on this island, you'll soon notice that not only does it have a giant dorsal shaped cliff in the center, but you'll see that the only fish that spawn here are finned fish.

Why Do You Need To Go On Mystery Island Tours

On the one hand, you are guaranteed these particular finned fish and can fill up your pockets before leaving and sell them for hundreds of thousands of ACNH bells. On the other hand, it's so much easier to find sharks on this island compared to waiting for them to spawn on your main island. It's worth catching at least three of each and keeping them aside until you see CJ, who would love to exchange them for the collectible versions of the fish.

With the exception of the ocean sunfish, all of these sharks can be encountered in June. Due to the fact that most of them spawning after 4 pm, the best time to go especially if you're looking for sharks is during the evening. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until July for the ocean sunfish to spawn.


How To Get To ACNH Shark Fin Island

The shark island is that you must have upgraded the resident services and carry with you a ladder and a vaulting pole, for the island to be included in your random island pool. If you haven't got a ladder, unfortunately, the island won't appear. Furthermore, there's only a 0.5 chance of actually encountering this island, statistically, the chances of finding this island are 1 in 200. However, it'll be totally worth it when you do, if you need sharks and bells or have some spare ACNH nook miles tickets from trades. Despite it is a rare island, you can only encounter the dorsal fin island once per day. 

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