ACNH European Island Dream Codes & Address - 5-Star ACNH European Town & City Ideas

6/26/2021 5:04:26 PM

If you have ever lived or traveled in a European country like England or Italy, maybe it’s a good idea to create a European town on your Animal Crossing New Horizons island. How does an actual European city look like? Check out these ACNH European Island dream codes to take a tour and enjoy the European flair as well as amazing thoughts in it. 

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ACNH European Island Dream Codes & Address - 5-Star ACNH European Town & City Design Ideas

Here are several gorgeous ACNH European islands worth a tour, you can also get some inspirations for the use of simple panels and stone paths from these examples, they may come in different styles on the decoration, such as vintage, rustic or countryside, but on the whole, there are a ton of details and designs filled with the European style looking and Animal Crossing items

1. Ukiyo - DA-6439-3215-1661

From the entrance, you can see the well-constructed bridges, iron-and-stone fences, beautiful garden lanterns, and black flowers that fit the theme. Walkthrough the bridge, you can see the Resident Service building, which is very close to the airport. If you walk along the fences or paths, there are many details that can be found, such as the newspapers put next to the garden bench, it looks like a reading spot, the pile of leaves is under the tree, adds the reality, and manhole cover on the brick path. Beach chairs and shells on the beach seem to be ready for summer. On the other side of the beach, there is a cute dog park, this is a creative idea and shows a great way to use the space. On the opposite of the dog park, a vintage post office is there with lots of custom designs. On the European town, which combines natural and city elements, the streets consist of brown brick paths, lanterns, benches, and various stalls. A custom sign for train stations and the brown train tracks fit the island theme well. The little gas station might be used to pump these bikes, you can sit on the chairs in the nice dining area with books and drinks provided.  

acnh european island 1acnh european island 1-2acnh european island 1-3

2. Daliah - DA-7232-7535-9575

Daliah is a European vintage town created by Nadine, the inspiration is from the streets of Madrid. The entrance is gorgeous and different from most others, there are no waterfalls, no cliffs, but a variety of flowers, trees, and bushes, as well as statues and stone floors, small horse-drawn carriage, all of these, are absolutely European vibe, she did an amazing job of decorating this. Starting a tour on this European island, you can see beach campsites, a spa area on the beach rocks, the adorable peninsula, a cafe with paintings, sittings areas everywhere, many aesthetic simple panel buildings, adorable fireplace, little telephone booth, Floating-biotope Planters in front of the museum, etc., especially the use of arts, paintings, statues, musical instruments, rocks and stone paths, it makes you feel like touring a beautiful European town. 

3. Rosyères - DA-9102-0938-4252

Rosyères is a countryside European island, not only it has the most beautiful lavender field that stretching for miles, charming vast vineyards, but also it is full of sites that worth visiting, beautiful, iridescent colors, and respect for French culture. The first thing you may notice is the cobblestone paths and decoration for the marketplace, the centerpiece with the purple hydrangeas and purple hyacinths, which is very pretty, there are fresh fruits on the countryside market. Make your way up, next to the Resident Services, there is an outdoor seating area using green iron garden furniture, which is rare and fits well with the nearby greenery. The elaborate details such as gorgeous brick pattern, grates and the stone border of the padding, make it closer to a modern European city, and the little guitar and the bucket, probably for any musicians who playing by the street to collect coins. We also have a waterfall action going on and on the other side, the apartments and buildings look rustic and gorgeous. The lily record player is cute and fits the theme. The shopping district is decorated with a good-looking fountain in the middle. Purple illuminates the entire island. The most notable area is the lavender field, which you definitely can’t ignore. 

4. Bali Bali - DA-0849-0986-1035

This is a wonderful elegant European town island by Lico (@lico_acnh). Look at the entrance, the stone paths, spooky fencing, and beautiful statues with the hedge square in the middle are amazing. Go through the beach, there are cake stalls, a little wedding area, and an outdoor pool. The maze of buildings is at back, you can little typewriter, changing rooms, stalls with beautiful looking cake and coffee. The bar with black furniture is cool, the people who live in the town seem to play music. The use of simple panels and loft bed are still the focus, combining with the custom patterns, these buildings look aesthetic and gorgeous, the color match is also incredible. Little details like the shoe-shining station, black lucky cat, fishing spot, green telephone box, everything is amazing. The creator is so talented to decorate the exteriors and interiors, you can also find the European kitchen, workshop and more. 

acnh european island 4

acnh european island 4-1acnh european island 4-2

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