How To Win More ACNH Bug Off Points 2021 - Release Dates, Bug Off Prize & Trophies, Rewards Items In Animal Crossing
6/28/2021 10:39:51 AM


What is the Bug Off In Animal Crossing?

Welcome to the Animal Crossing Bug Off event! this event is centered around the NPC Flick and his bug catching contest. the goal of the bug off is to catch as many bugs as possible in three minutes. this event is only held during the summer months in your island's hemisphere. every third Saturday during the summer months, Isabel will announce that the bug off is today.

The ACNH Bug Off Event Release Dates For The Rest Of The Year

In the northern hemisphere, the bug off occurs on

  • June 27th

  • July 25th

  • August 22nd

  • September 26th

In the southern hemisphere, the bug-off occurs on

  • November 21st

  • December 19th

  • January 16th

  • February 20th

This event only lasts from 9 a.m to 6 p.m, so keep an eye out for the time, but you can always time travel to the correct time if you miss it or you're busy during the day. 

How To Start the Bug Off Event

To start the event, you have to talk to Flick in the plaza. the initial fee to play is free. then costs 500 bells for every other attempt, you can do as many attempts as you'd like until the event is over for the day. the rules of the bug-off are simple, you get one point for each bug you catch. with an additional two bonus points if you catch three or more bugs within the three minutes. your point total will accumulate over the course of the event, you can exchange them for exclusive bug-off prizes. 


Animal Crossing Bug Off Event Rewards

Bug Off Prize Items

These Bug Off Prize Items include:

  • Termite Mound

  • Toy Cockroach

  • Spiderweb

  • Toy Centipede

  • Butterflies Wall

  • Ladybug Rug

  • Spider Door Plate

  • Artisanal Bug Cage/Wardrobe

  • Bug Wand

  • Bug Aloha Shirt

  • Bug Cage(Wearable) 

  • Butterfly Backpack(Wearable)

  • Ladybug Umbrella

How To Get The Bug Off Prize Items & Bug Off Trophies

If your goal is to get one of each prize, you will need to earn a total of 130 points. you can exchange 10 points, to get a random prize from Flick and you won't get duplicates of each prize until you receive one of each first. If your goal is to earn the bug off trophies, you will need 100 points for bronze, 200 points for silver, and 300 points for gold. 

How To Get More Bug Off Points Quick & Easy

If those numbers seem steep to you, you can always play this event with friends. by using animal crossing multiplayer, you can invite others to your island while the bug off is happening and catch bugs together, you will rack up points faster as all the points earned by everyone get added to your personal point pool. the 500 bell entry fee is also waived every time when you play the bug off in multiplayer mode, you also don't have to worry about the bugs you catch clogging up your pocket space as they magically spawn into flicks bug cage in the plaza. this way you can stock up on nets in your pockets if you don't feel like running back to your house storage or crafting a net between rounds. when each round is over, you can either sell the bugs you've caught to Flick for 1.5 times their typical selling price or remove them yourself from the cage, but if you don't remove or sell them you won't be able to play the next round, this applies to your friends as well, if they are playing the event with you on your island.

Pro Tips On How To Conquer ACNH Bug Off Event 2021 

  • First and a little obvious is that you want to catch every bug you see, you never want to pass up on a bug you can easily catch. 

  • Second, plant some flowers near the plaza. bugs love to spawn on flowers and having some close to the plaza will save you time that you would otherwise use running around your island looking for flowers. 

  • Third, plant trees and cut stumps near your plaza. we often forget that bugs spawn on these plants as well. having additional trees and stumps on your island allows for more bug spawning opportunities. 

  • Fourth, try not to run during the event, running scares away bugs, which means losing out on points. 

  • Fifth, bugs can also spawn in the water. don't forget to check rivers and ponds as bugs can be found there too.

  • lastly, leave some trash out on the ground like the can, rotten turnips, or even a lollipop from the Halloween event. as these items also attract bugs and are very easy to catch. just remember to pick them up after the event is over.

More Tips

To help you even more, these bugs are likely to spawn on flowers and trees, the drone beetle, goliath beetle, honeybee, ladybug, mantis, orchid mantis, and the stinkbug. these bugs are likely to spawn on tree stumps and on the ground. the citrus longhorn beetle, the drone beetle, jewel beetle, rosalia batesi beetle, tiger beetle, and violin beetle, and of course butterflies can be found flying around your island especially near flowers. unlike the fishing tourney where you can use fish bait to spawn fish on the spot, there is no fish bait equivalent for catching bugs. so your best bet to spawn more bugs is to have lots of flowers, trees, and stumps around your island. if your island is lacking any of these plants, you can always bury a piece of fruit and let it grow into a tree and buy flowers from the nook's cranny, plant them and let them fully grow. if for some reason the bug-off is not happening on the day it should be on your island, you must have resident services upgraded from a tent to a building. 

In order to trigger the event, if that is not possible for you to do, you can always visit a friend who has the event active. and thanks to a time traveling, you can play the bug off event whenever you like, you simply need to time travel to one of the dates during the summer and the bug off will be active for you to play. you can also use the time traveling to play the event longer on the specific bug off days if you want more time to catch bugs and rack up points. you just have to be careful to not time travel too far or too back in time or you will lose your total points for that day. if you stay between 9 a.m and 6 p.m on your current day, you will not lose any points.


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