ACNH Monopoly Details & Pre-Orders - New Board Game Revealed In Animal Crossing New Horizons
7/8/2021 10:03:28 AM

Yesterday(July 7th), a brand new Animal Crossing New Horizons theme monopoly game was revealed by online retailers. this comes hours after the packaging was leaked online by Reddit users. despite not being officially announced or revealed by Nintendo or the board game makers. this is a 100% officially licensed New Horizons monopoly game, manufactured by Hasbro, the current publisher of the classic board game. it's not known at the moment why this has yet to be acknowledged by either Nintendo or Hasbro but once the packaging had leaked a whole bunch of pre-order pages went live across multiple online retailers' board games selling sites. 

We are stepping away from in-game news this time because there isn't any. instead, let’s do something we haven't done in a while - looking at the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons merchandise! this is a super cool one, without further ado, let's get straight into it! 


What Does The ACNH Themed Monopoly Looks Like?

As you can see above, this Animal Crossing New Horizons theme monopoly board is very similar to the classic game, but features iconic Animal Crossing items and characters, although the game itself does appear to have been reworked slightly to incorporate more Animal Crossing related features. unlike the classic monopoly game and many of these special edition versions, it seems you can't rent or buy the property or pay debts to other players as you'd expect, instead, you have to make your way around the New Horizons board to earn various crafting materials collectibles in the form of tokens. some of these tokens include bugs, fish, fruit, fossils. which are inspired by island life around the New Horizons island. 

How Does The ACNH Themed Monopoly Work?

The objective appears to be to collect as many tokens as possible to pass go to enter the nook's cranny store, browse for things to purchase. it looks as though anything purchased from nooks cranny helps players earn nook miles, which is the goal of the game. the game comes equipped with skill cards too, which players can select after making their way around the board for the first time, giving them one of four special abilities including earning more bells. presumably the more bells you have the more things you can buy, the more nook miles you can earn. but the box arts suggest, there's plenty of tasks challenges to take part in along the way. some of the websites that have pre-orders up already provide a complete list of the contents of the game. 


That includes 4 skill cards, 35 decorations, which are the items you buy from nooks, classic chance cards, bell coins, and more. 


But the coolest thing is the player tokens that come with the game. these four-player pieces are 3d versions of the iconic New Horizons players from the promotional artwork of New Horizons.

How Much Does THE ACNH Monopoly Cost?

At the moment, based on the pre-order listings, the Animal Crossing edition of monopoly costs around 30 pounds or 25 dollars depending on where you purchase it.

When Is The Launch Date Of The ACNH Monopoly?

The official launch date of this merchandise appears to be August the first in both the US & Europe. unfortunately, the vast majority of sites that have this available for pre-orders are currently sold out. with that said, we are over a day since the unofficial reveal, entertainment earth still has pre-orders available in the US. The only retailer in the UK at the moment that still has pre-orders available too, that's forbidden planet. 

What Is The Best Way To Purchase The ACNH Monopoly?

If you want to get a copy of this official animal cross New Horizons monopoly game, We recommend pre-ordering if you can, because if the recent Stardew Valley board game is anything to go by, they soon get picked up by scalpers who try to sell them for four or five times the money. but don't worry too much though, once the board game is officially launched and acknowledged by either Nintendo or Hasbro, most high street shops will also stock this item, much like some of the other classic versions of monopoly. they may even print more given how popular the item already seems to be. 

There we have it, that's the Animal Crossing monopoly game fully endorsed by Nintendo and published by Hasbro. but what do you think about the Animal Crossing twist on a classic game? it's worth pointing out that making something like this, doesn't take the attention away from in-game updates being developed as this was licensed to Hasbro. aside from Nintendo signing off on the work before it's published, they pretty much have nothing to do with the development of the board game.


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