Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Ideas -Genius & Cute Design Ideas
8/25/2021 4:30:22 PM

There are many types and styles of animal crossing new horizons island designs, but there are still a few players who don't know how to achieve the animal crossing island design style they want through detailed decoration, today there is some new animal crossing new horizons island ideas, hopefully, it can provide you with inspiration, it must be the loveliest and most genius idea!

Let's get started with the first acnh island design idea. This works great and is super easy to make!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Ideas-1 

Turnip Storage 

Firstly this fence is a corral fence, it is one of the most popular fences in the game and the soil pattern is designed and of superb quality, it is a horizontal pattern design.

A dirt path needs to be made to connect these and then the rest is quite a lot of ACNH  items, this silo is here and you can find it in the Nook Shop, just using a bit of the Nook Shop stuff here.

There's a garden fountain, a couple of hay beds, a scarecrow, a work cart, it's quite a lot of Animal Crossing New Horizons items. Fauna is sitting on the seed bag, and all you have to do is customize a cushion.

For the acnh layout idea, go for white daisies, very clean and simple, these are very neutral and look like weeds, so they don't take up too much space. 

One tip is that many people now leave items outside, this can affect your island rating, too many falling items on the floor can affect your animal crossing island rating, but falling leaves are very lovely and give an autumnal feel.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Ideas-2 

Entrance Ideas 

There is a small bus stop, or actually a seaplane stop, for example, imagine a dodo Airlines.

Starting with the path design, the first acnh island design suggestion is to use the most common path in your city, this island uses a stone path, a blue iron fence, and a square stone path around it. 

Public benches drink machines, you can buy at your Nook Stop. This curry-colored Rovers briefcase that you can get from the May Day event. 

Then design with the dodo signs, two simple high-quality panels were used, representing different take-offs and landings, etc. It was lovely and another way of using simple panels, which was very nice.

Also made a small lamp post next to the fence which is very cute and a very cool idea if you could also put it at the entrance to the animal crossing island.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Ideas-3 

Painting Idea

The next step was to go to the lighthouse area, which is at the top of the peninsula, and all that had to be done was to raise the land on the peninsula. 

Thinking hard about what could be put here as decoration, and finally coming up with a great solution: putting up a small PAINTING easel!

This is great and makes good use of the easel, now there's a quick tutorial to explain the project involved, it's a custom pattern, all that has to be done is to make the pattern, some work has to be done and not just entering a code.

Take the camera out and away from the screen, when taking a picture, the portrait icon is in the bottom right-hand corner, the picture is the pattern used, meaning you can use any pattern you want. Take the picture away from the screen and whatever you capture will be on the easel, which I think is a creative idea.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Ideas-4

Photo to pattern tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to do this with photos turned into patterns. Once you get your screenshot, which is the photo taken successfully, you are going to go to a screen to view the pattern, the next thing you are going to do is click on browse, now when you click on browse you will see patterns that other users have made, some of them are very cool, for this app, go ahead and create that, now you will see this screen, just click on convert and it will actually put it in the editor, which is very good practice, if you want to make your own, just generate the QR code from here, open your phone, it's a Nintendo Switch online app, go into the QR code, scan this into your game and then that will go into the custom design.

You need to notice in the bottom right-hand corner there will be a plus sign to download, so all you have to do is click on the plus button and then click on download, if you do it right you will get this message, a name for the custom design, whatever you name it, please choose a save, so you do need a design slot to work in, you just set it up here, so this goes even further and can customize the design right Here you have to click on the show and draw and that's all you have to do, you just set it up and place it near the area you are shooting.

This pattern can fill in the gaps, for example, not knowing what to design, this painting gives this whole area a big focal point, so definitely try it!


Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Ideas-5 

Why can't get a 5-star animal crossing island?

A small workstation was developed to place some log benches and store items on these log benches, this is a really good idea and it makes the game easier to play rather than going to the house and coming back out to craft items.

These items placed on the benches are considered dropped items, right now Animal Crossing New Horizons allows a maximum of 14 dropped items on the island, so as you can see the maximum number of items here is 2, 4, 6, 8 items, it is impossible to get a 5-star island this way, this point is for your information.

Many people have DIY stalls or fruit stalls or something similar, if you place an item on it this is considered a dropped ACNH item and this will affect your rating! You can have up to 14, but how do you do it? Would make a small mistake like this result in not being able to animal crossing island a 5-star rating?



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