ACNH Halloween Event 2021 Guide - Animal Crossing Halloween Update Items, Jack Rewards, Costumes, and More
9/1/2021 10:56:48 AM

It has been a month since the last New Horizons update, which reveals a series of events and items for the next several months this year. The next ACNH update looks like there is still a while, but we have a major event in October 2021. Now, we’ve compiled everything you should know about the ACNH Halloween event 2021, covering new items, costumes, rewards, dates and more for the Animal Crossing Halloween update. 

acnh halloween 2021

ACNH Halloween Event Update 2021 - When Does Animal Crossing Halloween Start?

Nintendo did not actually announce any information of Animal Crossing Halloween 2021 to players, but this content is basically all ready and waiting to be released, it’s likely that we will see another update or announcement in late September or early October 2021 to reveal the Halloween related content and new seasonal items. 

Halloween is the main event in Animal Crossing New Horizons fall season, the festival will start on October 31, 2021, from 5 PM to 12 PM. ACNH Halloween is time-locked, so you can’t access the event unless October 31 arrives. 

What to Do During Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween?

1. On October 31, Jack will visit your island and appear at the Resident Services plaza, find Jack when the time hits 5 PM.  

2. Talk with Jack, he will introduce himself and ask you to get some candy. 

3. Give Jack two pieces of candy in exchange for Jack's costume items.

4. Give Jack some lollipops for two exclusive spooky-themed rewards. 

5. During the holiday, villagers will either wear a Halloween costume and seek candy outside, or stay at home and hand out candies. You can get candy from villagers inside their homes or outside.

6. Give some candy to villagers outside to get five different spooky set items, spooky items DIY recipes, or lollipops.

7. Give candy to Jack and villagers outside to get two Halloween reactions.

8. Play Trick or Treat with villagers outside 


ACNH Halloween Event Update 2021 - List of All ACNH Halloween Items 2021 and How to Get Them

Halloween event is back in New Horizons, what new content will Nintendo put for celebrating it? New furniture is introduced in the ACNH 1.11 update, learn more about how to get all Halloween items fast. 

New ACNH Halloween 2021 Items 

The first good news is that three new furniture items have been added to the 2021 Halloween spooky set, you can buy them with ACNH bells in Nook’s Cranny during the month of October. You are allowed to time travel to purchase these items. You can also get DIY recipes for these new spooky items from villagers. The three items can be customized into different color variations.

Spooky Treats Basket (new)

Spooky Tree (new)

Spooky Trick Lamp (new)

ACNH Halloween Jack Rewards 

Give three lollipops to Jack to get these items and crafting DIYs.

Spooky Carriage

Spooky Carriage DIY Recipe

Spooky Wand DIY Recipe

Give candy to Jack to get these two costume items.

Jack’s Face

Jack’s Robe

Give candy to Jack to get these two reactions.

Haunt Reaction

Scare Reaction

ACNH Halloween Costumes & Clothes

Buy these clothing items at Able Sisters with bells, and buy the Impish Wings from Kicks.

Animal Nose

Flashy Animal Boots

Flashy Animal Costume

Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat

Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat

Impish Horns

Mage’s Boots

Mage’s Dress

Mage’s Striped Hat

Magic-Academy Hood

Magic-Academy Robe

Raggedy Outfit

More ACNH Halloween Items 

Give candy to villagers during the Halloween evening to get these exclusive items.

Spooky Rug

Spooky Flooring

Spooky Wall

Spooky Garland

Spooky Garland DIY Recipe

Spooky Table Setting

Spooky Table Setting DIY Recipe

ACNH Halloween DIY Recipes 

Get the following DIY recipes to craft these spooky set items.

Spooky Arch

・Hardwood (×10)

・Clay (×3)

・Orange Pumpkin (×10)

Spooky Candy Set

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

・Candy (×3)

Spooky Carriage

・Wood (×20)

・Softwood (×20)

・Hardwood (×20)

・Iron Nugget (×10)

・Orange Pumpkin (×30)

Spooky Chair

・Softwood (×3)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Fence

・Iron Nugget (×5)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Garland

・Iron Nugget (×1)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

Spooky Lantern

・Orange Pumpkin (×4)

Spooky Lantern Set

・Clump of Weeds (×4)

・Orange Pumpkin (×4)

Spooky Scarecrow

・Wood (×4)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Standing Lamp

・Hardwood (×5)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Table

・Softwood (×10)

・Orange Pumpkin (×14)

Spooky Table Setting

・Iron Nugget (×1)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

Spooky Tower

・Orange Pumpkin (×7)

Spooky Treats Basket

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

・Candy (×)

Spooky Tree

・Hardwood (×10)

・Orange Pumpkin (×5)

Spooky Trick Lamp

・Iron Nugget (×4)

・Orange Pumpkin (×4)

Spooky Wand

・Star Fragment (×3)

・Spooky Lantern (×1)


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