ACNH Brewster (October) Update 2021 - Release Date & Speculations In Animal Crossing 2.0 Update
9/24/2021 2:19:36 PM

A lot of fans from the previous iteration of Animal Crossing have been clamoring over this character: Brewster. What exactly is the big hype about it? Animal Crossing New Horizons Brewster and Roost update is happening 100% confirmed by Nintendo, but it's a matter of when. Follow our ACNH Brewster (2.0) update prediction guide 2021, we are going to in depth the release date, and speculations for the Animal Crossing October update.



ACNH Brewster Update 2021 Predictions - Release Date & Speculations In Animal Crossing October Update

Animal Crossing has officially announced a full direct says more details on new content airing in October. For all the doubts and all the speculations, the ACNH Roost and Brewster update has actually happened. The Roost is going to be open 24/7. With the return of Brewster, there's a lot of things that can also come along with his announcement such as the potential of gyroids, roasting beans and possibly planting them.


ACNH Roost & Brewster Update Release Date

Unfortunately, we don't exactly have a date of when the Animal Crossing New Horizons Brewster 2.0.0 update is going to release. It's probably going to release in late October, maybe in November most likely. But we have to wait until Nintendo's Animal Crossing New Horizons direct in order to get all of that information. 


ACNH Roost & Brewster Update 2021 Speculations

Coffee Beans

In the museum, there are two icons in the coffee machine, one is for coffee beans. In the previous game, you were able to give Brewster some different types of coffee beans and you're able to make different kinds of coffee. So does that necessarily mean that we can grow our own coffee in the Animal Crossing Brewster update 2021? If you were to grow coffee, let's say day one it'll just be a plant, day two a bigger plant, day three it'll sprout some different coffee beans on it and you can pick them, or you can leave them for day four and get different types of beans. Leave it for day five and you're going to get another thing. Or you can bring them to Brewster, due to the fact that the more that you bring them to Brewster, you'll be able to befriend him and then eventually get a job as you did in Animal Crossing New Leave. 


Other than that, it's kind of insinuated that gyroids might come to Animal Crossing New Horizons.  With that being said, Brewster has a stash, he's he allows you to store a whole bunch of different gyroids in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Do all the gyros in existence in the previous games are going to be found in the ground after it rains? if that's the case, which means there's going to be so much that you can do in Animal Crossing New Horizons now. Based on rain patterns, whenever it rains, there's typically a checkmark in the sand or in the grass and you'll be able to dig out a gyroid. Once there's over 100 of them and you can only get them when it rains. 

Tortimer Island

Another prediction for the ACNH Brewster update is going to be Tortimer island. Honestly, it's going to be gigantic. Tortimer Island was where you would go on your dock, the captain would show up. You could talk to the captain and he'd sail you away to a specific island where you can play dedicated mini-games. You can even invite different people to your island.

New Character

Last but not the least, what if there’s no Animal Crossing New Horizons Brewster update, and he isn't going to be in the game. But a descendant of his is going to, just like Flick and CJ.


Who Is Brewster

Brewster is a beloved character from the Animal Crossing community. Brewster is a pigeon who works at a cafe called the Roost. The Roost is the name of the cafe that is run by Brewster, it's open 24/7 and usually located within the museum's basement. He made his first appearance in Animal Crossing Wild World followed by City Folk and then New Leaf. He would serve coffee to your character by sitting down at his coffee bar for 200 ACNH bells. It wasn't until New Leaf when the Roost became its own building that you can add to your town.


Where To Find Brewster In Your Island?

The most obvious place is the museum.  Perhaps they would move the art room over to the side making room for an entrance to the cafe, it would be the most accessible and easy to find. One common theory is that the door in the back of the museum of the fossil exhibit would be a place for it.


What Are Gyroids & How To Get Them

Gyroids are special furniture ACNH items. They can be dug up after rainy or snowy days, similar to fossils. They can make noise as you click on them. They had all sorts of different harmonies and tunes and weird little sounds. They had all sorts of rhythms and there were different sets to complete and it was definitely a fun addition to collectible items if you're a completionist. Typically they would appear in the ground the same way that you would find fossils the only difference is that they would appear on or the day after rainy days. However, there are more chances to potentially dig up gyroids since Nintendo has added more weather patterns. Brewster also offered an entire gyroid system where he stores them for.



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