10 Best ACNH Orchard Design Ideas - Unique Orchard Inspiration To Try For Your Animal Crossing Island
11/4/2021 3:12:13 PM

Today we are going through a ton of 2021 orchard ideas on your ACNH island! 

An orchard on your island appears to be a wonderful addition, this is a common feature on many islands, but there are many ways to make it unique. Fruit trees can be easily moved and relocated throughout the island with minimal effort. The question is, what kind of design should you go with. What is the best way to get started? This guide will feature both aesthetic and functional orchards in Animal Crossing New Horizons island 2021.

Top 10 ACNH Orchard Designs Inspiration To Try For Your Island 2021

Here are 10 best ACNH orchard designs ideas inspiration to try for your island 2021, with presenting each orchard design codes.

1. Non-Traditional Orchard - DA-4042-3085-0801

It's a very non-traditional orchard. The trees aren't in lines but it's still functional. You can shake the fruit from most of these trees but check out how it is arranged. It's mini island spread across the water and each of them has a different fruit, there are very vivid blue flowers all around, it's just such a vibrant orchard and a very creative one. All of the trees are really spaced out, it's just a really nice place to chill. Also there is a beautiful bridge in the background even the views on this island are absolutely stunning. 

2. 2021 Orchard Farm - DA-0381-2047-2212

This is another very aesthetic orchard in ACNH 2021, it’s arranged by color and there are beautiful hybrid flowers all around it, they are arranged around the trees and it is absolutely gorgeous. Also it happens to border a farm too. The fruit dropped on the boxes is precious. Anyway, here is the farm, very good idea if you are looking forward to the new crops coming in the update, we're going to see a big surge in farmcore island.

3. Checkboard Orchard - DA-5366-4677-2558

Here is another way you can arrange your orchard in a way that is still functional. All of these trees can be harvested if you want to sell your fruit or just gather it for whatever reason. This is really beautiful, if you want to spice things up a bit, this is a way that you can arrange them and they're not just in straight lines, you can have them in diagonal rows and it looks absolutely gorgeous, still and very organized like it's really easy to find your way around here.

4. Walk Through Orchard - DA- 4830-6988-6665

The line between aesthetic and functional. Most of the trees you can get fruit directly from and that's really cool. The one near the fence you wouldn't be able to get all three, but actually you still can, it does have a lot more furnishing around the trees and in between them though and that was really cool. It was very different from any of the orchards we've seen so far. The signs and the little crates of different fruits are great, the arrangement as well. I like how they're organized by fruit, but there's so much to walk through and look at the paths, go on for so long and that is really cool.

5. Colorful Orchard - DA-8717-2539-2879

Another aesthetic orchard ACNH in 2021 is this one, so unique. The color theme is beautiful, there are all the different vibrant colors of the fruit but the island itself has more of a focus on white and purple which makes sense the island is called willow plum which is beautiful. But everything here is arranged just really beautifully and we have a sort of mix with farm aesthetic. We have silos and pumpkins. There is also a little painting area in the middle, it's like you can chill out, you can do some painting be creative in the middle of this little orchard and that is so wholesome.

6. Orchard Near The Villager Home - DA-1746-0120-4137

Another fun way to arrange your orchard is to put it near a villager home. This one is near ketchup which is very fitting since ketchup herself looks like a vegetable. This orchard overall definitely had a farm core sort of aesthetic between the colors and this little table with the silo, the orchard fits in at this part of the island and it's so cute that it sort of feels like ketchup is the manager here.

7. Orchard Near The Ocean DA-6191-0882-4409

It's like a sunken orchard. At the very back of the island, we have an ocean view, a little plant stall, this is an aesthetic rather than a functional island.

8. Orchard Forest - DA-2431-2684-1366

It is the forest with the doors to different holidays that we see in the nightmare before Christmas. How creative is this! First of all absolutely amazing but you may also love that dual functions as an orchard. As you can see the fruits are represented behind the doors and the little zero dog is cute. 

9. 2021 Best Orchard Idea & Code - DA-9595-4568-6867

This island has a very aesthetic orchard rather than functional. The arrangement here was stunning again, we have the usage of fruit chairs and other furniture items. It's so unique when creators are able to work fruit furniture into their islands and still make it so stunningly beautiful. You may also love how the flowers here are arranged along with the color of the fruits on the trees. That does a really good job of making the orchard as a whole feel really beautiful and cohesive. It really ties everything together in a lovely way.

10. Orchard Entrance - DA-7308-9745-6612

This orchard is actually the entrance to the island. That was so cool and also sort of bold, I would never think to put the orchard right here at the entrance or like to make my entrance an orchard but it works out so well. Everything here is beautiful, I love the little table with the fruit basket.


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