Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update- New Feature In Museum Changes

12/10/2021 2:33:51 PM

Something was actually removed in this animal crossing update and it looks like it won't be coming back to animal crossing new horizons. Take a look at exactly what acnh update in the museum? Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update items will be shown soon!


Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update- New Feature In Museum Changes

The museum is the most upgradable building in animal crossing new horizons, it has even more upgrades than nook's cranny which is definitely a surprise to long-time fans of the series.

However it seems like for some reason in the 2.0 update, Nintendo has decided to remove one of the ACNH  upgrades that you can actually get for the museum and one of the important steps of upgrading it.

# Started a brand new island

They started a brand new island, they upgraded their museum tent into the building, however this time it went straight to the version with the art gallery rather than the brown version that before 2.0, this means that they completely skipped out on the step of meeting up with red, and then unlocking the art gallery later on now.


At first, this could be some kind of exceptional glitch, but it seems like quite a few different people have experienced this. Nintendo has made this change just so that unlocking the different stages of the museum will be a bit easier going forward, got a brand new upgrade in the 2.0 update animal crossing new horizons with brewster, and the roost finally coming to the game which was incredibly exciting, but in doing so it seems like they've removed one of the past steps now.

Although this is actually really convenient and it means you don't need to go through the hassle of donating enough to unlock the art gallery now it does seem to mean that going forward, you won't be able to get the brown version of the game that you could see before the 2.0 update animal crossing new horizons now, but actually prefer this design to the one got currently, 

It didn't change when unlocked the roost either, so it's basically stayed the same for a really long time, it also means that the step where you meet crazy red walking around your island seems to not be a thing anymore either red will simply just show up with his art maybe once again this somehow ties into the fact that red now shows up on Harvey's island.

# Different style museum 

If we could choose which one our museum looks like if we want the tent or the more rustic style or maybe just the current modern style that however on the flip side, it does mean that it will be easier to unlock the animal crossing upgrades for the museum getting the art gallery was never that easy in past versions, it wasn't the most difficult thing, but it did take a little bit of work and it seems like now you don't need to do that at all now.


What will happen to this version of the museum? If you've still got it on your islands, plenty of you still do, and that it exists within the game, but it seems like if you start a new file and you didn't already have this particular animal crossing: new horizons upgrade, you won't be able to see it again in the future unless Nintendo decides to adjust this later on, it could be some kind of glitch, but honestly, it does seem purposely done with the fact the museum got another acnh upgrade in the 2.0 version.


Recently have you noticed this yourself which of the museum upgrades?  Do you prefer the most which one looks the best´╝č

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