ACNH Top 10 Most Popular Villagers (2022) | Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Villager Popularity Tier List

1/7/2022 9:52:00 AM

Entering 2022, who is the king of villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Let's sort out the tier list of the Top 10 ACNH Most Popular Villagers of January 2022, which covers the brand new 2.0 villagers!

Top 10 ACNH Most Popular Villagers (2022)

ACNH Top 10 Most Popular Villagers (January 2022)

Because of the recent massive version 2.0 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, 16 new villagers joined our game and started stealing the hearts of many ACNH players, some of them even completely have dethroned the regular villagers who have occupied the top positions for a long time. So the Top 10 Most Popular Villagers Tier List will be obviously different at the beginning of 2022. Now let's loop in for which villagers are the most sought after in the entire game! 

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Top 10 - Stitches

Personality: Lazy

Species: Cub

Catchphrase: Stuffin

Birthday: February 10th

Sign: Aquarius

The tenth most popular villager of 2022 is the cuddly toy bear Stitches - this lazy cup was born in February. Although his species is a bear cub, stitches are designed to resemble a teddy bear which is why he's covered in different color patches. His childlike home is full of toys resembling a playroom perfectly fit for a sweet little teddy to reside in. Stitches' adorable demeanor and very chill laid-back nature definitely make him one of the most cuddly and sweet villagers to look out for, no wonder this plush colorful little bear is in the top 10 most loved villagers for the entire year of 2021!

Top 9 - Judy

Personality: Snooty

Species: Cub

Catchphrase: Myohmy

Birthday: March 10th

Sign: Pisces

In spot No. 9, we have Judy! With the original release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, Judy was first introduced in Animal Crossing and she hasn't appeared in any other title before. One of the reasons she became so popular so quickly, due to her snooty personality Judy enjoys the finer things in life and loves good gossip. Although her species is a bear cub, Judy is one of the most unique villagers in Animal Crossing history because of her eyes that most players fall in love with, just from looking at her, you will notice that her eyes are literally stars that shine so brightly for all to enjoy. Congrats on still making the top 10 of 2022 January, Judy!

Top 8 - Zucker

Personality: Lazy

Species: Octopus

Catchphrase: Bloop

Birthday: March 8th

Sign: Pisces

In spot number eight, jumping all the way to 5130 votes is Zucker, the lazy octopus villager born on March 8th. As we know, octopus villagers are far and few between an animal frosting and Zucker reigns supreme as the most sought after of the bunch. Zucker's appearance is based on a takoyaki treat with his brown hair on the top of his head resembling the takoyaki sauce, and he also has what appears to be a small wooden stick protruding from his head as takoyaki is frequently eaten with toothpicks.

Top 7 - Ankha

Personality: Snooty

Species: Cat

Catchphrase: Me Meow

Birthday: September 10th

Sign: Virgo

In the seventh spot for the 2022 February with 3 875 votes is Ankha, she is a snooty cat villager whose name likely derived from the Ankh which is the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that reads life. Ankha's design alludes to how ancient Egyptians worshiped cats which is no surprise either that her immaculate home interior is themed after a pyramid benefiting her Egyptian styled appearance.

Top 6 - Sherb

Personality: Lazy

Species: Goat

Catchphrase: BAWWWW

Birthday: January 18th

Sign: Capricorn

Spot number six with 5176 votes belongs to Sherb, this lazy cutie was also introduced with Animal Crossing New Horizons. Sherb is a pastel blue goat which is also no surprise that he's a Capricorn born on January 18th. As a lazy villager, Sherb has a very relaxed laid-back lifestyle and often talks about the bugs in his home and of course whenever he's hungry. In fact, his name is said to be inspired by sherbert that tangy fruity ice cream dessert we all know and love, no wonder so many players are adoring the sweet little eyes of Sherb.

Top 5 - Ione


Personality: Normal

Species: Squirrel

Catchphrase: Gleam

Birthday: September 11th

Sign: Virgo

At the spot No.5 is the first brand new 2.0 villager entering the Top 10 of 2022, his name is Ione. Ione is a squirrel making his first appearance in the Animal Crossing saga. He celebrates his birthday on 11 September. Ione's tail strongly recalls the space, given the blue color studded with many small white dots, which look like stars, and on this characteristic all its design is based, up to the dress she wears, that is a Astro dress (Blue). His cute apparence will surely make him be popular in the game!

Top 4 - Sasha

Personality: Lazy

Species: Rabbit

Catchphrase: HOPPITY

Birthday: May 11th

Sign: Taurus

The second brand new 2.0 villager breaking into the list is Sasha - a rabbit that first appears in the Animal Crossing New Horizons. He celebrates his birthday on May 19th. Sasha's design is truly adorable, based on the huge big eyes that stand out on her face and blonde bangs. In addition, her main color, a teal in pastel tones, further emphasizes this aspect.

Top 3 - Raymond

Personality: Smug

Species: Cat

Catchphrase: CRISP

Birthday: October 11th

Sign: Libra

The runner-up for the entire year of 2021 and starting of 2022 with 6656 votes goes to the smug cat Raymond, who is one of the most popular new villagers introduced with Animal Crossing New Horizons. Raymond has consistently been a villager in our top 10 list every single month in 2021, but that's not the only thing that sets him apart from the crowd, as this kitty is the only villager that has heterochromia which is why he has one eye that is green and one eye that is brown. Since Animal Crossing New Horizons launched two years ago, Raymond has consistently been at the top of many players lists when it comes to villager hunting. For a long time you could not get him with an amiibo card, however, you can now so in the future this list may change.

Top 2 - Marshal

Personality: Smug

Species: Squirrel

Catchphrase: Sulky

Birthday: September 29th

Sign: Libra

Coming in at spot number 2 with 7000+ votes belongs to Marshal. Despite his permanent scowl, Marshal the smug squirrel gets along with just about everyone, he bumps into, just as long as they find him as cool as he finds himself. His name could also allude to the somewhat marshmallow-like appearance he has and his catchphrase sulky could refer to the constant frown he sports on his face. Marshal's home is that of a coffee shop atmosphere and it has a piano ready for the music lover to play in the corner. No wonder, everyone has been seeking out this cutie for all time!

Top 1 - Shino

Personality: Peppy

Species: Deer

Catchphrase: OKAAAY

Birthday: October 31st

Sign: Scorpio

Congrats to Shino for being the number one champion of being the most popular villager in January 2022! Scorpio quickly became the player's favorite with her unique coloring and appearance after the 2.0 update and continued to occupy the top of the most popular list until 2022. It is a deer that first appears in the Animal Crossing saga. He celebrates his birthday on October 31st. Even Sakura's design, like her name, evokes oriental culture, more specifically that of the Rising Sun! The red horns, the elongated eyes, and the round eyebrows are strongly characterizing in her appearance and seem to refer to a yokai, that is to a Japanese spectrum.

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