5 Unique Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Ideas For ACNH Cafe and ACNH Bakery
5/17/2022 2:07:31 PM

Today going to be showing you some beautiful animal crossing bakery and cafe builds that have been created by the lovely members of the animal crossing community, if you're in need of some inspiration for your animal crossing new horizons island, here are the unique acnh cafe ideas and acnh bakery ideas.

5 Unique Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Ideas For ACNH Cafe and ACNH Bakery 

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Idea - Cafe created by @ac_ Corinna

This is a gorgeous little animal crossing area very quaint and cosy, the entranceway up into the acnh cafe, and then at the back, you've got all of the little details. The addition of the castle wall is just a great idea, to bring in a little backdrop and separate out the areas, the tables and the patterns on them are all very neutral.


All of the patterns all feel very cohesive which can be really hard to achieve, definitely be stopping by this animal crossing cafe for a lovely coffee or a sweet treat.

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Idea - Melba's bakery created by @Elmleith

This is such a gorgeous acnh area, and it's a perfect villager yard, they've done is they fenced in the whole area, using this lovely toned wood and you can see the separation between the natural path in the yard and the kind of road and cafe gallery acnh out front which is nice, and then it's filled with lots of cute little details.


So you've got lots of flowers, you've got some cute seating areas and obviously the acnh bakery section at the back, the sign with the lace underneath, the cute lace rugs, the adorable welcome sign on Melba's door. They're just perfection, and it's all really nicely surrounded by trees which makes it feel super cosy.

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Idea - The island of Misty cove created by @Kat_ac

The first one is very kind of rustic looking, the incorporation of the greens with the brick, they've done a fabulous job, the custom acnh designs match perfectly and it really does feel very fitting for a city building.


In this boba tea shop stool area, really like the custom designs again, they've incorporated the colours in the furniture with the custom acnh designs, and the diner furniture who would have thought it, you could look this good. The vending machine is so cute, the cardboard boxes everything really fits well, so if you're in need of some boba why not stop by if looking at all of these lovely acnh cafes and bakeries is making you feel a bit hungry.

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Idea- Cutesy cafe created

by @GrandmaRosiee

You've got all the pinks and the cute kind of elements, there the lace, the blankets are really adorable and the acnh bakery sign which she made herself is just amazing, and then the building at the back is just so nice as well, it really feels like somewhere that is rustic and very good at making cakes the puff as well, this is so creative, using the brick with the dirt and then the ducks as well, they're so cute, just very on the brand adorable build.


5. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Idea - The island of briar created by @Mushy Marrs

So far, kind of cute and cosy cafes, but this one is definitely bigger, what they've done with the back of the cafe having the little counter in the middle, and then it's not too much, tables dotted around some stools, so there's plenty of seating here, lots of people can come and enjoy their coffee, the whole area is slightly more whimsical with the vines the ruins. 


The colour choices are fitting really well with this as well, you've got the browns the whites, and then little pops of green everywhere from the bushes to the straws and even the coffee really well thought out and just a beautiful area.

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