5 Facts You Should Know In Animal Crossing New Horizons Update
5/17/2022 3:19:40 PM

In fact today we will be sharing some Animal Crossing New Horizons facts you didn't know in the animal crossing new horizons update and this is the start of a brand new animal crossing series where we will explore obscure Animal crossing details lost in character lore, back story and general facts.

animal crossing new horizons update

5 Facts You Should Know In Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Facts You Should Know - Gracie's identity

Gracie is a fashion designer giraffe who knows they are all about the expensive high society lifestyle and the general perception that everything is beneath them. For them, this Gracie makes her debut in the original Animal Crossing and usually visits your town to reward players with exclusive and rare clothing, but of course, they don't care about them and just want to look good.

In fact Gracie is almost so self-centred that they deliberately park illegally at the initial animal crossing that copper and booker are holding an exceptionally illegal parking event just because, like Tom-Nook-Gracie anyway, they managed to career ladder and succeed in the fashion industry and somehow become a beloved character, at least until New Horizons, which won't go there now Gracie's random fashion checks will insult players and subsequently a red dress quickly evolves into the most expensive brand in the game, Gracie's shop and more recently New Leaf Gracie's shop still sell hundreds of thousands of bells and whistles of furniture, each piece looking legit and oddly enough some of the details hidden in the Animal Crossing series suggest that Grace is not who they say they are and they are referred to in the new Animal Crossing chapters as Gossip Stone Status, Gracie is not even their real name and in very rare instances looking back, Gracie sometimes denies that their real name is Gretchen Grunge, Of course one can never be sure, but it looks like a classic case of impersonation.

Perhaps Tom Nook found out and that's why they have now never returned to the village Animal Crossing is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for picking up the game every day, the characters who spend the most time talking to each other and the people with whom they build long term relationships.

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Facts You Should Know - The relationships of the characters in the game

Although the characters you meet in the game have moved from somewhere far away, their families are in many ways very different from reality, with the exception of Francine and Chrissy, the four villagers, and the two adorable rabbits who are actually sisters Francine is the oldest and first villager sibling to make her debut in Animal Crossing, and they have been the only interrelated villagers until the New Leaf update was released In the welcome Amiibo update, Cece and Vichy introduced these Splatoon themed villages and like their Cali and Marie counterparts were confirmed to be related, in this case siblings like Francine and Chrissy Of course this is fairly common knowledge, but you probably not know know know that almost every villager in the Animal Crossing series has siblings, you just don't know who they are, Anka has 10 siblings unfortunately it is impossible to meet any other siblings apart from the four we have already mentioned, however some new siblings will be joining the franchise in the future and that is what makes it a very successful franchise as it is the second best-selling Nintendo.

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Facts You Should Know - Campsite feature glitch

The ever switching game has held a steady position in the charts since its release, even after the huge animal crossing new horizons update in version 2.0 which almost doubled the amount of content, players have seen several new features such as the perched cafe and the captain's boat trip which was an expansion pack added after a demand from the community, it is essentially a spin off and has made several bug fixes, in fact the last animal crossing patch update received only came back in February, despite all these regular animal crossing updates the campsite feature still has a very serious glitch in Animal Crossing New Horizons, if you convince a campsite villager to move into your island and replace a villager who has moved out, rather than moving into the campsite then you will join your move queue and a random villager will also populate that location, if the campsite villager you invited was invited using an Amiibo card you will no longer be able to summon the villager using Amiibo and no longer find them in your campsite or meet them on the mystery island as they are trapped in the void, although you only need to cycle through four autofills this takes a lot of work which may be the reason you invite the campsite villagers in the first place, whether this issue will currently be addressed or fixed in the future now remains to be seen.

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Facts You Should Know - Deciding whether to decorate the island and attend birthday parties starts again

It is common for players to accumulate over a thousand hours of play decorating islands and attending birthday parties, but it is not uncommon for Animal Crossing players to eventually want to restart, this usually means deleting their save and then restarting or buying a second copy of the game and starting a second town, of course, it is a little difficult now as you need a second switch, but you now understand that the restart idea always seems like a good idea until you realise the bell grinds at the start of the game. Luckily for those who want to start a new journey, Animal Crossing New Leaf has added a secret feature, at your discretion to recreate your time from scratch through the game settings, Tom Nook will pop up and offer to sell the town and everything and everyone in it so you can switch it instead of losing your hard work and all your progress into bells and whistles which will be transferred to your bank and can be used to start a whole new journey.

Tom nook has the option to buy towns your entire catalogue or even transfer any savings to a new account on the useful Tom Nook This feature means you can experience a fresh start but not have to worry about bells for long, he also includes the option to receive bells in daily instalments to prevent putting everything on the turnip.

5. Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Facts You Should Know - Unlock the new shop to expand the museum 

Whether you are playing the original or the latest version, Animal Crossing is all about progressing upgrades and unlocking features and working your way through the game gradually until you have all the buildings and shops, eventually, you can relax a little and usually start by spending money and upgrading the corner cracks to unlock new shops to expand the museum or its features and access the more useful mechanics that will be more useful in the games you get, this is true for all versions of Animal.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the regular animal crossing updates that led to the animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update and these smaller patches, players who start their journey to the island today have a completely different experience to those who start closer to release, the first depending on when you bought the game before the animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update The first Animal Crossing game to be played differently in terms of progression depending on when you purchased the game before the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update.

The three versions of Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum can be upgraded to have the tent museum and the refurbished museum back at launch, the red does not exist and is never encountered until later added in version 1.2, it has been upgraded from a tent to a museum and after capturing a bunch of critters, this is how you can take advantage of the red and the newly added art mechanics The upgrade to the final stage gives you a third museum and art gallery, but the animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update removes the smaller museum, leaving only the tent and the larger museum, meaning that if you start your island for the first time since the release of animal crossing version 2.0, you will never really be able to This change does simplify the process of unlocking the art gallery and further unlocks the habitat when the time is right.

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