Animal Crossing July 2022 Update - ALL New Features, Events, Villagers, Fish, Bugs In Animal Crossing 2.0
8/1/2022 4:20:05 PM

Now some Animal Crossing New Horizons good things happening in August, actually have to do with animal crossing sucking weird right, Disney dreamlike valley, which trying to take animal crossings crown that game debuts on September 6th.


Animal Crossing New Horizons July 2022 Update - New Features, Events, Villagers, Fish, Bugs

Big Firework Season

Sunday August 7th 14th 21st and 28th 

Tom Nook and Red said you know what blows up the sky and they decide to shoot off beautiful fireworks, they have their creations, you can customize them, Red has a bunch of raffle ACNH items all right, a lot of good things poppers and hats and all sorts of things that you can win.

Now Red increased his raffle, Rama, in animal crossing new horizons update 2.0, he does have his sort of raffle stand over at the plaza with harv and co,  but this is different, so this spreads raffle takes place on the island, the fireworks show kicks off at 7 p.m runs till midnight, it's one of the coolest events in the game, 

Bug Off

Bug off is one of the better events in the game, it's kind of up there with fishing tournaments, and the great maze race from rover Houdini as kind of the more inventive interactive events in the game right.

There are gonna be new icons, Nintendo loves to give you icons every month for animal crossing, the august birthdays are coming way in ACNH missions and Rewards Nintendo switch online, the icons are pretty cool, they just dropped Xenoblade chronicles 3 icons, and they will drop Splatoon 3 icons, because that game comes out, next month if there ever was a time for Nintendo to announce the Splatoon 3 villagers for animal crossing horizons, it would be this month odds that it happens five per cent, they already have the villagers made, they really should bring them over, they did it for Splatoon in the past why not do it again.

Pick Up Summer Shells 

Now meanwhile, you should pick up the summer shells on your beach,  because summer wraps up in the northern hemisphere, this month and you'll no longer be able to grab them, if you are hunting for some summer shell recipes, and you need some of the long lovely blues to grab them because they will be going away after august,  especially if you're not a time travelling creature. 

Nintendo could potentially announce those Splatoon villagers, it's very low, they haven't done anything, but this is sort of like the come to Jesus moment right, the OLED releasing later this month that custom Splatoon 3 OLED, and got the game coming out early next month, if you're ever going to do it, it's now or never.

Cowherd And Weaver Girl Day 

Nintendo talks if they're ever going to do anything else, it's going to be those Splatoon villagers, there is a brand new thing happening, now to kick it off with cowherd and weaver girl day, now this provides two exciting outfits that can be acquired visa via visa, you don't have to pay with visas, they don't offer any items for pay, then buy more new cool things, even an expansion may be visa and animal crossing together again, at last, it's via the seasonal events tab at your terminal, two outfits, those are running till august the fourth, they bumped into the back end of July at the beginning of august this year.

Obon Festival 

Obon festival which is one of the coolest festivals all right. Tribute to it on island Obon, cucumber and eggplant eating so clean and healthy all right, so this is a cool little festival, cucumber horse and our eggplant cow. Still, it is a beautiful eggplant and a beautiful cucumber and those are going to run from august 10th to august 16th, and that is your glorious chance to grab two of the more freaky items in the entire game.

Tomato Festival

There's a brand new thing in august here, animal cross new horizons are debuting for the first time the largest food fight in the world taking place in a corner of Spain. It's tomato festival from august 20th to august 31st, and there's a brand new shirt, so maybe it's not like massive, there's a new animal crossing like an actual new thing right. 

It's a pretty cool shirt, you might have seen it data mined or shown off in the animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update when that began in November,  but this has not been available until now august 20th and tomato festival is a legit thing, they literally throw tomatoes all over, and it's the largest food fight in the world, now maybe it seems a little wasteful, because it does.

The last new thing in animal crossing ever, if they don't do the Splatoon villagers if they don't ever make another update. This is like the final moment just like in Teletubbies the vacuum, he was new too, but this is legitimately new news.

Northern Hemisphere - Deep sea creatures

It is sort of the final month of summer, and then begin to enter fall, but of course, a bunch of bugs fish and deep sea creatures, begin with the northern hemisphere, gaining access to the migratory locust, the rice grasshopper and the walker cicada that is new in the wonderful month of august for the northern bugs, now in terms of the old bugs, there are quite a few, you're losing a lot of cicadas, and you're losing a lot of beetles.

To the common blue bottle, the great purple emperor, the brown,  cicada Robusticata, giant cicada, evening cicada shell, jewel beetle blue weevil beetle, and who else the scarab beetle, including the drone beetle, saw stack, miamistag giant stag, cyclomatist, golden stack drastic, horn dynasty, horned atlas, hornet elephant, and the last one horn Hercules.

The horn Achilles, the giraffe stag, and the golden stack are all 12k bell bugs, so if you need some coin that is where it's going to reside. A little cicada story, cicadas are even out here in Arizona, looking for them and cicada walls making noise, the shells, a live cicada, but they're nowhere, it's very weird, they're kind of invisible, now the bugs in the south are a little bit more invisible, because there's not a whole lot going on the tiger beetle is new, and then the Raja books, bird wing damselfly and dung beetle are saying peace out.

That Raja brooks bird wing is big and for that a lot of props, now in terms of the fish in the northern hemisphere, it is a small medium-sized list, the soft-shelled turtle, the more eel, and the ray are coming in and these are all fun to capture and have beautiful the kill fish, frog giant snakehead, napoleon fish and squid are saying bye-bye.

Southern Hemisphere - Deep sea creatures

Small month on the turnover in the southern hemisphere, it does seem now the deep sea for the north is going to be adding the flatworm not much to say about the flatworm the vampire squid,  though is going goodbye along with the sea pineapple that vampire squid is worth 10 000 bells, you might want to hold on to it or grab some the south sees no new pascal prawns, but it does add the venus flower basket, the sweet shrimp and that sea pig who can't be cute, especially if you're a fan of other pigs, such as truffles one of the best pigs in the game.

It's a really special month, because fireworks are one of the fun ones,  one of the best and a new thing big or small, it's got to be supply applauded, it's got to be celebrated, sable rated, it's got to be celebrated obliterated applauded and celebrate it all at once because it's so exciting, nothing new ever happens, because nothing new ever happens and something new is happening plus, super sexy giveaway, so if you'd like a switch light if you would like a wonderful one terabyte memory card, they're both going together to a lucky winner.

If you want some bonus opportunities all right, so much for watching for sticking, if it happens, it would be this month dreamlight valley from Disney seems like, it could be the next game.

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