ACNH Spooky Items Ranking Tier List (2022) - Halloween Items Ranked From Worst To Best In Animal Crossing
8/20/2022 10:21:37 AM

Spooky season is on its way, it’s almost here. So today we want to rank every spooky item in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022, from S to F. All these spooky items are good, but there’s not a lot of variety, they could have easily called the pumpkin set, very heavy on pumpkin stuff. The spooky set basically has four different customization options, we have the orange, the yellowy orange, green and white. Now let’s take a look at the best spooky items ranking tier list for Halloween 2022. 

ACNH ranking spooky items for Halloween 2022

ACNH Rank Every Spooky Item From Worst To Best - Halloween Items Ranking Tier List 2022

Animal Crossing New Horizons features a lot of spooky items but some are better than others. Some people enjoy making their Animal Crossing houses as spooky as possible all year round, even when it’s not fall or Halloween. The good news for those who love that aesthetic is all of the furniture and D.I.Y. recipes that came to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in October to celebrate the season. Here’s a look at the best spooky items ranked in ACNH 2022 Halloween.

S Tier 2022 Halloween Items

  • Spooky Treats Basket 

This item is very solid, we love it so much how the different customizations change the cake pop and the cupcakes, the candy even changes and the face of the pale changes. For that reason, it has to go in s, they went above and beyond with the customizations, they didn't just do like a white pumpkin with the same decorations, so the orange one is like a ghost cake pop and the other ones are like totally different. You can use it for a lot, you can put it outside of villager houses and it looks like Halloween night. 

  • Spooky Cookies Item

This is an s, there's not a lot you can do with it, this is the newest spooky item in Animal Crossing. There are 4 different pumpkin cookies, there's a bat cookie, there's a ghost cookie, you can't do a lot with it, you can't even customize it, but spooky frosted cookies in Animal Crossing have to go in S.

  • Spooky Lantern Set

This is basically what it is a couple pumpkins with a hay bale near it. You can actually turn this around and we're getting to a few items that we can do that with, you can turn that around and you can use it all throughout fall, but the kicker is you can actually put stuff on the hay bale. So you can put like some of the other spooky decorations on there, you can drop a pumpkin on there which looks good. So that one shoots right up to S.

  • Pumpkin Stack 

It goes right up to S right behind the lantern. The pumpkin stack is super versatile, it has the power of the spooky lantern where you can turn it around, you can use it for fall, the customizations are cool too, different colors and once Halloween is done turn, that around and you can have an amazing fall set up. So that item is super cool, it lights up just like the lantern and it is fantastic.

  • Spooky Lantern

It is at the highest of S, this is the item. Jack-o-lanterns and Halloween are like one in one, you can't have one without the other. We love how bright this is at night, love the different customizations but more importantly, you turn this around and it is not only the best Halloween decoration but it is now the best fall decoration. Put it in a pumpkin patch, it's so versatile, spooky lantern has to be at the top of your list. 

A Tier 2022 Spooky Items

  • Spooky Arch

It is a fantastic item, it is very cool, the different customizations you can change the wood color, so if you want more of like a darker wood or lighter wood, it's a pretty solid item, it's so weird, all of these are two years old now but they already feel so classic to Animal Crossing. We like the fabric that goes around, the little bats as well, so put it in A tier is suitable. 

  • Spooky Rug

The spooky rug goes up to A, this is a solid Halloween item, it has the four pumpkins there, it's purple, it has some oranges in there, has some greens in there, that is a Halloween rug. It's great.

  • Spooky Garland

This is one of the most underrated ones, this one has a bat detail on it, has a ghost detail on it, two pumpkin details. It's very cute, you string them up all around your wall and you're having a good time just because there's a little ghost, putting it in A. We can use it in a couple interior builds for Animal Crossing, but the garland is so adorable just because of that ghost.

  • Spooky Tree

Now we have the decayed tree which is like the same thing except the without the pumpkins but this spooky tree is an A item and put it all the way near spooky arch. It is amazing, you have to mix it in with the decayed trees, you can't have too much of this item, but the different pumpkins at different angles, you can turn the tree, so you have different angles of what pumpkins you want to see. This is a really good item, you can customize it to be like white and dark wood.

  • Spooky Trick Lamp 

This one's probably the second most underrated, so it's basically a lamp that if you hit on, it opens up and there's a little display inside and depending on the customizations the display actually changes. So one is like a ghost scene, one is like a haunted house scene, this one is a fantastic item. It screams Halloween, the different scenes that are in there. So we can put it on A right below the tree.

B Tier 2022 Halloween Items

  • Jack’s Poster

This is a very cool item, it glows in the dark, it's like one of the final rewards. Jack sends it to you in the mail, basically greeting you into spooky season. So this is always a very nostalgic item. Put it in B because you can't use it for much, put it on the wall and it's done. We see these everywhere in people's houses like on dream addresses and stuff, it's a very cool item but because it's so limited. It's just a wall decoration, so you can't do a lot with it. 

  • Spooky Carriage

This is kind of the grand finale of Halloween in Animal Crossing New Horizons, this is the last item you get, it is a really cool item, it's kind of like a trophy, some people don’t really know what to do with it. We can just turn it around and used it as like a giant pumpkin. So put it in B. 

  • Spooky Scarecrow

This is one of the ones that have multi-uses, so if we were talking a bout spooky stool and you can kind of put it in a pumpkin patch and it looks like a smashed pumpkin. This one you can turn around and have out all fall, it doesn't have to just be during the Halloween season, different customizations, the garment that's around the scarecrow changes based on the customizations, this is another solid one, put in b just below the stool. It's a good item, it's a must-have it's a must-have.

  • Spooky Wall

It looks very vintage, it's just like the purple and orange striped wall, it has very simple pumpkin and bat designs on it, it's vintage enough, it could go as low as d but because it has that nice vintage look, it should be in B. 

C Tier 2022 Halloween Items

  • Pumpkin Stool 

The stool is a cool item, put it in C, we gotta be more critical. It has really cool vine, detail around it and if you put it in a pumpkin patch, it almost looks like a someone broke a pumpkin or like smashed a pumpkin or something because it's like half of it is showing. Since there's different customizations and you can put it in your pumpkin patches, we like this item. If you've ever been to a real pumpkin patch, not all the pumpkins are like perfect.

  • Spooky Standing Lamp & Lantern

This goes probably in C, basically it's a little tree with a pumpkin hanging off of it, the bat decorations are great, we like the customizations how the face changes. At the entrance of like graveyards and stuff like that, it's a very solid item.

  • Spooky Plate Setting

Put it in high C and you might be shocked by that, but it's basically because we can't use this item a ton. The different customizations are as good as the treat basket, the face on the plate changes, the cup changes, the little cupcake changes, everything changes, but we just never use it. It's the item that gets forgotten every single year, so for that reason it is in C. 

D Tier 2022 Halloween Items

  • Spooky Floor

The spooky floor goes in D, it's not spooky enough, if you have the flooring, you can have this flooring on your in your house like all year round. It does have some pumpkin decorations but it doesn't ooze over the top Halloween, so that's why it's so low. 

F Tier Halloween Items 

  • Spooky Table

This one goes in F, this is probably the only swing and a miss in this whole set, and it's basically because of the same reason we don't know how to use it, and even like the stool which we have in high B, it's a great rank that we can use because it looks like a pumpkin. This is a giant table with a giant jack-o-lantern face on it and it just looks too fake, it looks like it looks too fantasy and that's definitely not our vibe. So it's an F, it's a good item, it looks cool, you can put things on top of it which is always cool. But we can't use it, so that's why we rank it in F. 

That’s all about the 2022 Halloween best spooky items ranked in Animal Crossing New Horizons! If you are looking to get some items to prepare for the upcoming Halloween event and design the best Halloween island, always provides you cheapest ACNH items with fast delivery and best service!


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