ACNH How To Change Your Villager’s Name Without Restarting | ACNH Villager Name Change Guide
8/26/2022 4:52:52 PM

In ACNH, updating one’s character name is so difficult, it’s technically impossible to do. But now we don’t need to worry anymore as one hardcore Nintendo player has found out the best way of updating the name of villager. Check this guide and we show you how to change your villager's name in Animal Crossing New Horizons without restarting (shared by ceomg video). 

How To Change Your Villager’s Name Without Restarting In Animal Crossing?

For some reason Nintendo doesn't let players do this. But with the power of a modded Switch, you can change your villager's names as many times as you want without restarting your island. Here are the steps for ACNH villager name changing. 

  • 1. To change the villager's name in Animal Crossing New Horizons, use a program called NHSE which stands for New Horizons Save Editor. You can change so many things like your player name, your town name, your wallet, how many bells in your savings account, how many nook miles you have and how many earned miles you have. But what you're here for is how to change your villager's name.

  • 2. Nintendo players just need to type in their new name in the box shown in the NHSE. But they need to make sure that it should not exceed the limit of 10 characters.

  • 3. Go on to update the player name and load up this, save on to your switch and then we can see how it worked. Then back on the home island and the fresh name is successfully updated in Animal Crossing. It clearly shows up on the Villager’s passport as well.

How To Change Your Villager’s Name in Animal Crossing

Another thing to remember is that you can only change your villager name with a modded switch, it's going to be a disappointment to some of you, but we have seen a boom and people wanting to mod their switches, so maybe this feature isn't really out of reach for you. If you have a switch that can't be modded, definitely consider it, it really opens up the game. 

If you want to get started on modding your switch but you are overwhelmed and you don't know where to start, there is a discord server dedicated to switch modding, it will definitely help you get started, it will definitely break things down for you simply. If you have a modded switch and you change your villager name, please don't change it to something offensive or something that Nintendo deems banned worning, do that will trigger Nintendo's red flags, so just don't give the modding community a bad name and that goes for anything on your island.

ACNH Treasure Island Tips & How To Find 

The treasure island is basically a regular Animal Crossing island full of items dropped on the ground that you can take. These include every new DIY and cooking recipe from the 2.0 update, all the new nook mile items, every new 2.0 item you can buy nooks cranny, all of the new food items, every holiday and seasonal DIY set, all the hybrid flowers, all of the gyroids, all the kk sligter songs, the entire sanrio set, every crafting material you'll ever need, nook mile tickets, bells, world crowns and so much more. If you want to get access to this island and be able to visit it any day all day, join ceomg channel as a bluebear cult member. When you join you get all the instructions on how you access the treasure island.


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