Animal Crossing New Horizons Features - ACNH Disappear Features Forever
9/3/2022 10:47:10 AM

Since first experiencing the start of animal crossing new horizons at this point in the game, it honestly feels pretty different than what you get to know, once you've been playing for months and believe it or not, there are quite a few features you see near the start of the game that once you've seen, once you practically never see again, despite some of them honestly being cool.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Features - ACNH Disappear Features Forever

ACNH Disappear Features  -  Isabelle & Tom Nook

A fun idea to take a look at these features that disappear from your island forever after the start of the game, by the end of this, you'll be wishing that some of these would stick around, you might have already forgotten that at the start of the game until you met Isabelle, Tom Nook would make the daily announcements for the island, he had a ton of his unique dialogue for all of the different events in the game. 

Starting Up Tips

ACNH Disappear Features  - Tom Nook take over for the announcements

All kinds of tips for when you're starting up and much more that typically a lot of players won't get to see most of, after all, it doesn't take you very long to get resident services started up, and then you get Isabelle, honestly, Tom Nook used to do the announcements, this was a cool feature and the fact that did this outside, so you could get a good idea of the scenery around your island, and also who was visiting the resident services plaza that day.


Most players probably won't even see half of this dialogue, as it doesn't take too long until you upgrade resident services with the huge 2.0 update, Nintendo should have made it, so that Tom Nook could sometimes take over for the announcements, maybe they could make up an excuse that Isabelle was just too busy with paperwork that day or visiting her family.  

Maybe she's running an event out in the resident services plaza, so it'd make more sense for Tom Nook to do these announcements, since they've already written all this dialogue, it would have been really easy for them to do.

ACNH Disappear Features  -  Timmy  holding the adorable flag

It's a shame that Tom Nook effectively gets pushed to the side after this point, although he still has a much bigger role in this game than he did in animal crossing new leaf which is great that's not the only nook related feature that disappears soon into the early game, though you might remember that very early on Timmy would wander around your island holding his very adorable flag, and this was a great feature as far as.

ACNH Disappear Features  -  Timmy or Tommy wander outside

Timmy or Tommy wander outside of their shop in past games, honestly love to see more of the hard-working characters around the island do this, just take a little break and walk around and chat with us, it makes the game feel a lot more alive, but sadly like with Tomnic's announcements, once they get nooks cranny, you won't be able to see them do this ever again, why they did this after all you don't need the advice from Timmy anymore, but it was just nice to see him hanging around and it brings so much more personality to your island, it makes the place feel much more alive.

ACNH Disappear Features  -  Harvey visits the island 

Interact with the world, of course, this can also be extended to Harvey who only visits your island a singular time, and then never again thankfully now that Harvey's island has gotten upgraded you do get to see him walking around that environment a bit more which is cool and it makes sense, of course, it is his island so, of course, he's going to be over there, but it's a little bit sad, once so many people do cool photo opportunities with Harvey and Timmy when they're walking around the island early on, and sadly this isn't something you can do later.

If you never talk to Harvey, then he would pretty much keep wandering around your island forever, but that definitely wouldn't be worth it, it is given how good Harvey's island is with all of its shops, now technically this would be one of the only times that you can see him do group stretching as well, you'd want to make sure you do all of this stuff early on, otherwise, she won't get the chance in the future, Nintendo in the next game,  please have these special characters wandering around as a feature.

ACNH Disappear Features  -  Don't have a shop and nooks or cranny

A lot of people would love that another cool feature that makes sense why they took this out, it's the fact that early on is the only time that your resident services have its shop which is incredibly convenient, now of course at this point in the game, you don't have a shop as its own thing, you don't have nooks cranny yet, so it makes sense to have one in residence services, but once you do get notes cranny Timmy and Tommy disappear from this place, and no longer can you sell or buy items from resident services unless of course you go to the bad, and you check out your nook shopping tab, but that's very much a separate thing.

The idea of having a little separate shop that a character could run in residence services that would sell different ACNH items, not one that you need to use nook miles for or anything like that just a regular old shop or even just a point to sell things after all sometimes islands feel very big and complicated to get around, so having one in resident services would be a very convenient point for visitors and even own player, though this is not one of the most necessary things.

ACNH Disappear Features  -  The little kits

As well the little kits that you get where you have to craft certain items, to get free villagers to move to your island is a very unique feature to the game that is only used, once now get why they did this, this really acts as a tutorial for crafting a bunch of different items, it allows you to get more recipes and craft different types of things, to get villages to move in if you have to craft things every single time, you want a new villager to move in, but at the same time, it's also kind of a neat little quest and it's so unique, there's nothing like this in any of the other main animal crossing games crafting is also, such an important feature.

So it makes sense to utilize it right, they forgot about this one for sure, typically say that it's for the best, this isn't featured for every single plot, so you don't just have to craft so many items, to get people to move in, but it would have been a fun little quest to do,  maybe a few more times at least to get all of your original villagers moved into the island.

ACNH Disappear Features  -  A vendor Mabel 

This next feature is also pretty unique, it's the fact that you can see Mabel as a vendor in the resident services plaza very early on. 

Now, of course, she disappears from here, because she starts to run and manage her shop the able sisters, so it doesn't make sense to have her as a vendor anymore, but then again this is cool and it's super unique.

This also makes her the only vendor in the game who appears once in this sort of circumstance and then never again, definitely thought they would do this with more characters.

Honestly like for example, maybe brewster would have come here with a little coffee cart for a while, and then eventually he would have upgraded to a full cafe in the museum, but nope, it's only really utilized with Mabel, another unique feature with her as well is the fact that she will sell shoes at this point, a task that later on is taken up by kicks.

Unique interaction with Mabel, and just kind of like the fact that she has a travelling card, the able sisters building, but sadly this music track feature which changes as you make more progress disappears, once you get the hourly music, definitely get why this happens, the hourly music is an iconic part of animal crossing new horizons.

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