Should You Mod Your Switch In ACNH - How To Get Switch Modded
9/7/2022 11:41:19 AM

Modding in Animal Crossing has recently blown up. It’s always been around, but after the star tree debacle of 2020, the modding community has stayed quiet. Until Nintendo stopped updating their game and players wanted something new and fresh, like new decorations and the ability to customize buildings. Modders and players have been going absolutely crazy over messing with the typical physics of the game and utilizing 3D animation to add their own furniture into the game. So, should you mod your switch? Is all the effort that you have to go through worth your time and money? Here’s everything about ACNH switch modding.

ACNH Switch Modding - Should You Mod Your Switch? 

Modding has been around the gaming community since forever, It started out with three college kids adding extra levels to Missile Command back in the early 80s to add extra features and levels to a game everyone was getting bored with. Gamers like to keep their favorite games going after a developer feels like the game is complete enough to move on from. You want your favorite game to live on. And if the developer isn’t going to do that for you, then you have to do it yourself. Not everyone’s switch can be modded, you have to have a really old switch that Nintendo hasn’t patched. Which means if you didn’t buy a switch somewhat close to launch, you’ll probably have to go find one. Which can be found easily, but they aren’t cheap. So, if you don’t have the disposable income to drop on a new switch or a new old switch, just viewing the mods from the outside and hope Nintendo takes notes for the next game. There are a ton of mods that people have created for the game. And plenty of videos if you want to check out what these mods are. Since Nintendo won’t update the game anymore, the community is doing it. The popular modded feature are all the new 3D artists are going crazy. From a complete wine vineyard set to greenhouses to corn, islands are starting to look incredible. Random mods like planting weeds on bridges or decorating boring rivers with some greenery. Everything looks like a million Animal Crossing bells. Artists are creating furniture that the rest of us could only dream of. Look at this greenhouse, it should have been added with the 2.0 update Nintendo, would have been the perfect farm addition to the rest of the farming mechanics. 

Can You Mod Your Switch in ACNH

Do you all remember the Nook Points app? They could have added so many cool items here. Sure we got the nice poster from Nook’s wall and some toilet paper. But that’s about it. I was expecting to get so much more stuff. Isabelle’s items, all the furniture behind Sable, something. We got nothing. People are still confused why the developers introduced this app if they were only going to give us a few things. But the modders have done it. All that stuff behind the sable that we’ve been looking at such as museum decorations. There’s so much here that is already in the game that artists and modders allowed us to have as furniture. 

Animal Crossing is one of those games that could be updated literally forever. There’s always a new piece of furniture to add, a mechanic to let us play with, and some mini-games to throw our way. But at some point, the developers have to stop, especially if they want to release a new game which they do because they want to make more money. They could have their digital artists release new piece after new piece, like how Pocket Camp has for the last 5 years. Constant updates that seem like they’ll last forever. Like most companies, Nintendo works really hard on stopping hackers from messing with games, especially ones with online multiplayer. It’s rough when someone’s out here hacking the crap out of Splatoon while you’re just trying to rank up like a good little squid kid you are. But Animal Crossing isn’t a competitive multiplayer game. It’s a single-player game where you can freely do whatever you want without affecting how others enjoy the game. Modding isn’t an issue in Animal Crossing, you’re just giving your island a nice makeover. You using 3,378 Nook Mile Tickets to try and find a cute periwinkle cat, doesn’t affect someone else’s play. So go for it. You’re doing some cool stuff to make the game fun again. Maybe don’t upload your island’s DA so you aren’t screwed over by the star tree haters that are still sulking around. 

There’s been a rise in cases of people getting their consoles banned from hacking into the Splatoon 3, Splatfest World Premiere that was released a little bit ago. This software didn’t give you access to the entire game, just a few small areas and one game mode. That wasn’t enough for some. They found their way through the game files and into the inaccessible areas. But Nintendo found them. Because Splatoon games have anti-cheat to make playing the game actually fair, they’re very strict about modders and hackers. But Animal Crossing is a bit different, because there’s no competitive online, they really don’t are too much. But just be aware that there is the history of Nintendo blocking your console from going online if they find you’ve installed any homebrew software. 

Overall, whether you like moding or hate it, someone modding their island isn’t the end of the world. Everyone’s islands are incredibly creative and amazingly decorated whether you’ve experimented with the new items or having fun with the stuff that’s already in the game. 


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