Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide - Hardest Challenge In Animal Crossing New Horizons

10/24/2022 10:06:30 PM

One of the ways to complete Animal Crossing New Horizons is to collect everything, this was much easier back in the day when there were just 600 Furniture items, now almost 2 000 and each with multiple colour variations which means there are like 14 or 15 000 animal crossing new horizons items in total that's a lot, it doesn't seem like it's possible to collect everything, but some of us are stuck in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2002.

Here collecting every colour variation, every piece of clothing and every DIY  because that's what you do which brings us to villager photos of these wall-hanging items or tabletop items, so versatile is the only reason after two years with this game you've pretty much seen most of the dialogue. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been updated to version 2.0.1 - My Nintendo News

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide - Hardest Challenge In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Collecting ACNH items 

The first thing is successfully collecting everything, every outfit every Furniture item, and every colour variation. If you collect all  of these that means collecting all the Villager photos as well, even though they don't appear in the catalogue for some reason, 

start collecting the frame pictures slowly, but surely through a fun villager hunt get a cutie spends time with every day, giving them gifts.

The adventure has been really slow especially. The only way to get all the photos, the next Animal Crossing game released was to do a speed run time travel day after day giving gifts to villagers, kicking them off when no longer needed them and inviting a new villager in to make stuff interesting and a bit more fun instead of just grinding fruit for hundreds of hours.

ACNH Amiibo cards

Not using any amiibo cards to invite villagers, only villagers hunting with Nook mile tickets well with the  exception of the Sanrio villagers, since there's literally no possible way to get  them on your Island without inviting  them into the campsite through Amiibo  cards, completely not  using amiibo cards, 

Increase friendships with ACNH villagers 

In the past, the best gifts to give villagers to increase their friendship level Based on data mines, so you can have a better chance at getting that photo to simplify it, it's anything worth 750 bells or more two pieces of non-native fruit does the trick wrapping it as necessary or else, you'll only give your neighbour one piece of fruit, so make sure you wrap it, but the wrapping paper just gives you another friendship Point anyway, so whatever you end up giving them make sure you wrap it, once you get a neighbour to the proper friendship levels, there's a chance, they'll give you their photo,   but unfortunately this relies a lot on  RNG, you have to hope you get a Furniture item as a reward, and then you have to hope that that furniture item is the photo you end up having a six to ten per cent chance of getting said photo super annoying.

ACNH island empty plot

If you have an empty plot on your Island, there is a  15-day cooldown before a move-up bubble will appear on another villager, because trying to get this done as quickly as possible Kafka Speed Run. Immediately time travel 15 days to quickly kick out, another villager, there's also the possibility of the campsite having a villager appear, unfortunately, the campsite villagers are a pain in the neck, they take forever, but they don't affect the 15-day cooldown of another villager leaving, if you get them to move in since a plot never empties, once they've made their way onto your  Island, these Sons of Guns one chance to ask to move in, and then continue on for the speedrun sake, it's quicker to just time travel and hope someone else wants to move out rather than sitting there talking to them for an hour hoping, they'll pick the right villager to move out or just move in at all really.

ACNH Speed run

Apparently doing  the speed run over the last few months, after a hundred hours, 90 photos out of 413, so doing good with all the  time traveling that six years into the speed run six years, 

save some real-life time, but not immediately time travelling those 15 days for the move-out cooldown and maybe spend the extra time talking to the camp website villager, you get about two to three campsite villagers a month, so it would be free villagers to move in those 15 cooldown days would be used to just give more gifts, whatever date end on will definitely be inflated, this is taking a lot longer than six years into the game.

Another gap between games as long as the last one entire new humans were born and learned to read during the gap between New Leaf and New Horizons getting everything in this game is hard while customization was added to the series the completionist part of brain is crying anyway, this has been the thing to kill time until the next game.

Animal Crossing New Horizons to find reasons to keep playing, this isn't New Leaf, there's no tortomer island or the roost mini games and no waiting around for seven years for Katrina to finally open her shop on Main Street, so you can say you finally completed the game, just gotta play and wait patiently what are you doing to kill time before the next game release.

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