Animal Crossing New Horizons Latest News - 4 Unreleased UPDATES & New Features Revealed
10/30/2022 10:58:17 PM

Some of these features onto animal crossing new horizons islands, there are quite a few unreleased updates and new features in Animal Crossing New Horizons that Nintendo decided not to add to the finalized game.

It seems incredibly, unlikely at this point that would ever see these actually added, but they are there some, in fact, work fully as intended and could be ready to go within the game, if Nintendo ever decided. Let's take a look at some of these back in Animal Crossing New Leaf Dr shrunk was the one in charge of giving us our reactions which were called emotions back in that game when shrunk made his return in the 2.0 update, he didn't this was surprising, though as for a while that there were actually some secret reactions hidden in the game that had been ported over from Animal Crossing New Leaf.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Latest News - 4 Unreleased UPDATES & New Features Revealed!

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons update -Doctor-shrunk Funk Shuffle 

There are a whole bunch of reactions that never made it into Animal Crossing New Horizons, work fully as intended for the most part the most famous of these, and the most desired was the doctor-shrunk Funk Shuffle which is an iconic reaction given his minimal role in New Horizons.

It makes sense why didn't get this one much earlier on, but the fact that it is there hidden in the game is just really frustrating and it makes wish Nintendo had added it, maybe they run out of room for reactions after two full Pages now, but why they would work on, totally new ones rather than adding in some of these old beloved ones that just there speaking of old beloved things. 

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons update - Crossover villagers 

The crossover villagers from past Animal Crossing games were released at some point and fought about being added to the game, a data mine showing all of the Villager mottos for their photographs in the game, actually revealed that there were placeholders for the crossover Villages, these mottos were suspiciously empty, but the Villager species, like you can see here bird lined up with all of the crossover Villages. As far as even lined up with the Sanrio Villages who eventually did get added to the game, why Nintendo was so anti-crossover in this game, there was so much potential yet. 

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons update - Mario

Apparently, Mario is the only one who deserves it for some reason, Chris Pratt Will Be Happy now, it's the fact that rugs Outdoors, actually does work in Animal Crossing New Horizons and through certain means, players have discovered that you have been able to actually put rugs outdoors and for the most part, they do actually work, this is definitely the case of Nintendo deciding. 

Just don't want this feature in the game, they could have done it pretty easily there weren't even that many rugs for them to work on, it's possible to do it with basically all of them some of them may be a little bit glitchy, but they could have fixed that,

so it's pretty safe to say that Nintendo, just didn't feel like this feature was right for the game, but why it would have been so good, there are so many cool rugs that would have worked really well as a design on the island.

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons new feature - ACNH items

Some unreleased accessories that villagers can hold around the island, now these items for the most part were actually added to Red's raffle on Harvey's Island which was really cool, and it was great to be able to get most of them, but some of them were not added for some reason, why Nintendo felt like the ones, they did add as holdable items were enough, but some of the ones they didn't were really cool like the magnifying glass.

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