8 Best ACNH Farmcore Island Ideas 2022 - How To Build A Farm-Themed Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons
10/31/2022 10:47:14 AM

Today we are showing you 8 different farmcore building ideas that you can pop onto your Animal Crossing Island to help fill in little gaps on the island or to make bigger standout spaces. Check them and learn how to build a farm-themed island in Animal Crossing!

Best ACNH Farmcore Island Ideas 2022 - 8 Farmcore Bulding Ideas For Your ACNH Island

1. Chicken Coop

Chicken coops are really cute little areas that you can place around your Island, you can do like one big one or like smaller ones and there are a ton of things that you can place down and they're just a really cute big area or filler and area for your Island. They're very farmy and if you're going to make a farm core Island, you can definitely have a chicken group. For the 3 items that we recommend you pop into this build:

  • Simple Panel: Simple panels are a really big thing for most of these Animal Crossing items. Make sure to put a custom design on it, but you can get like chickens, you can get cows and horses and stuff. Just take it that everything needs a simple panel.

  • Dango: They look like little eggs and they're cute to place on like a countertop or something, then it looks like you're selling eggs.

  • Hay Bed: This is another one that we recommend you place around your Island quite a lot just because it works out so well and it looks like the chickens have something to eat.

2. Dairy Barn

Similar to the chicken coop, this is a really cute little area that you can have like custom designed cows, little like milk areas and just somewhere that you could have like a little farm. You can combine these two areas together or you can keep them separate. Overall, it makes for a really cute little area whether you're passing buy and have it like as a closed off little shed area or you have it as an open field where it looks like the cows are going around their day.

Tips: If you have a cow villager and you make this, they're like house exterior, that'll be kind of cute but the three items that for the dairy bun are the Silo which will be a really awesome thing to pop there, then the milk can, this is perfect and this sort of like rusted design, it just looks so good. The last thing is a wooden bucket, so it looks like you're milking the cows and making the fresh milk.

3. Wheat Farm

This is something that can be done so simply or so over the top. So you can do something with the huge Wheat Farm area and sort of like you're walking through like a wheat field or you can just do like little bits of wheat Farms placed around, there's so many ideas you can put the crops or these Big Field things. The idea of this is a big area somewhere on your farm but smaller bits scattered around to help with the farm core vibes. For the three items we'd recommend you use for this build are:

  • Wheat Field: This is something that can help you achieve that sort of like Big Field area look or just help scatter some small items throughout.

  • Scarecrow: This is a really cool item that you can place and someone's got to look after the wheat you know.

  • Windmill: You can place this right in the middle of the area and it looks really cool.

4. Vineyard

This is such a cute idea, it's so cute to look like you're making your own wine on your Animal Crossing Island and doing all the things. There's so many different ways you can do it. Like with the wheat field, you can do a huge area or you can just do smaller areas to walk through, something outside of a restaurant or something outside of a farm like the possibilities are endless with this one. For the three items are barrels which are work out really well. We would also recommend using the barbed wire fencing, just as a sort of barrier, this fencing works better than any other one in the game. Lastly the Grape Hat, this is such a cool item that they have in the game and it just gives the illusion of a fully bloomed tree. 

5. Farmer’s Market

The possibilities for a farmer's market are endless, there are so many cool ideas you can do with this. You can you do fish Farmers Market, you can do like a Dairy Farmers Market, you can do a Produce Farmer's Market, you could do blacksmiths and stuff, there's like little shop front sort of thing and these work so well. These are things that you can do either like a big area, you do things on the beach, you can do like smaller areas throughout your Island. For the three items are:

  • Checkout Counter: This is a really awesome little camera that you can pop in.

  • Pile of Cardboard Boxes: Customizing these to look different for each of the markers.

  • Storefront: This one can also be customized to match the theme that you're going with for the shop and they look really cool.

6. Crops Area

This is kind of a given for a farm core area if you're going to have a farm to have a crops area. But there are a couple of different areas you can do, you can do small little crops outside of a house or you can do a big cropped off area. These are really cute, these are also really good ways to just scatter things around your Island. If you've got a little small space, it's empty bam, just throw a little crops area there and if you've got a big space to fill, you can do a huge crops area with all of the different crops there. For the three items we would recommend popping into this area are the crops, the plantable items, it's like wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, all that sort of stuff. We would also recommend placing in a brick well, this works out really well in the area. It looks cool and it just shows that like you pull a little bucket of water out of it and water the crops. Lastly, this one's not really a crop related item, we'd recommend placing down a Decoy Duck or any other like small animal item looks like maybe there's a little animal walking around the crops or also helps to just decorate a smaller sort of crop area. These will all work very well and get a crop area on your Island.

7. Pub

These are kind of like what you would do as like a cafe on a cottage core Island, a pub is very farmy and you can have a big area put aside, just do a small Pub in front of an area, so you could like a pair up a pub and a Vineyard together or a pub next to a stable, these things work out really well and they're really nice to pop on your Island. Three items are:

  • Barrel: They're really cool and you can pop some little seeds around them if you want or just have them to look like they're holding wine or beer.

  • Decorative Bottles: They look really cool, you can pop them behind a counter or something and it looks like you may be like you've used them or put them on a table.

  • Buter Churn: It's a really cool little decorative item instead of just like your main table and chairs. They'll work well with your Pub.

8. Stables

These are like your chicken coop and dairy bun, really cool little areas that you can pop onto your Island, you can do like an area outside of a house or you can make like a separate individual area for these. Popping some simple panels with a custom design on the front. But overall, these work out so well. For the items:

  • Storefront: These work out really well for a little stable area, they were made for it.

  • Covered Wagon: This is another decorative item that you can place down and works out really well just to decorate an area at the back.

  • Wood Partition: These can help to differentiate the area, you can even put a Hay Bed in front of it to look like a hay area and they work out super well. 

So those are 8 farmcore building ideas you can place onto your Animal Crossing Island. Which one is your favorite idea and what other ideas you will put down?


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