ACNH Toy Day 2022 (New Christmas Items & Costumes, Jingle Rewards) | Animal Crossing Christmas Event 2022 Guide
11/2/2022 12:07:59 PM

Snow is falling and the festive tune is lingering, and it's time to celebrate Christmas of 2022. In this ACNH Toy Day 2022 Guide, we will go over everything to enjoy during the holiday season in Animal Crossing New Horizons, covering the new Christmas items, costumes, and Jingle's gifts!

ACNH Christmas Toy Day Event 2022

ACNH Christmas Event 2022 Guide - Toy Day Items, Christmas Costumes & Jingle's Rewards

Our island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting ready for Christmas with festivals and decorations, and we're planning a brand-new event called Toy Day for December 24. In fact, during the event, we will get the chance to meet JingleJingle who will enlist our assistance in bringing gifts to our beloved animal companions in exchange for which we will receive various themed things that we can use to decorate our island and give it the festive feel we were going for!

ACNH Christmas Toy Day Event Schedule 2022

Christmas Event preparation time: December 15th to December 24th, 2022

Toy Day Start & End Time: December 24th 17:00 ~ December 25th 17:00, 2022

ACNH Christmas Toy Day Changes 2022

In mid-December, as snow completely blankets our island, the festive spirit grows, with shops and resident centers festive for Christmas and New Year. In this year's Christmas event, we look forward to the same as last year, new ways to celebrate, such as Jingle bringing new gift delivery and new rewards, new festive Ornaments DIY recipes, and more interesting Toy items and Christmas costumes.

ACNH Toy Day Event Process (How To Prepare For & Take Party in the Christmas Event)

First of all, let's go over how the Xmas holiday is celebrated in ACNH, so you can better understand how to get all the Toy Day Items:

How To Prepare For Christmas Event?

  • 1. Start from any time until Toy Day (Christmas Eve), purchase Gift Wrapping Paper from Nook's Cranny,  you will need some for exchanging gifts with your villager on Toy Day

  • 2. Starting from December 1st to 25th, purchase Christmas Toy Set Furniture Items from Nook’s Cranny

  • 3. Starting from December 15th to 25th, purchase Christmas costumes from Able Sisters, wear the holiday costume and deliver presents to your villages during Toy Day, you will get unique reactions. 

  • 4. Starting from any time until Toy Day (Christmas Eve), prepare some items whatever you like for exchanging gifts with your villager on Toy Day

  • 5. Starting from December 15th, 2022 until January 6th, 2023, collect festive items and ornaments to craft the Christmas set items

How To Join The Toy Day Event & What To Do?

  • 1. During the time from December 24th, 5 PM to December 25th 17:00, 2022, talk with Jingle at Resident Services and creat 3 Festival Wrapping Paper for him, he will reward you a Toy Day Stockings

  • 2. On December 24th, once you get the Toy Day Stockings from Jingle, hang them up it in your house for all day until to December 25th

  • 3. On December 24th, after crafting the Festival Wrapping Paper for Jingle, get Magic Bag and deliver presents to your viallgers before December 25th at 17:00. If you wear a Santa outfit while sending out presents, villagers will gift you a special reaction. 

  • 4. On December 24th, after delivering all presents to your villagers, talk with Jingle and get rewards before December 25th 17:00

  • 5. On December 24th, after finishing delivering all presents for Jingle, talk with your villager when you have no present wrapped to get Red Wrapping Paper

  • 5. On December 24th, after handing out presents for Jingle, go to wrap the items in your inventory and exchange gifts with your villager before December 25th 17:00, they will give you special toy furniture as gifts.

  • 6. On December 25th, check your Toy Day Stockings and get Jingle's Photo

Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas Toy Day Items 2022

Now that we are aware of the details of the ACNH Toy Day event, it is time to look at the items and rewards we will be getting there - the main motivation for our participation!

ACNH New Christmas Items 2022

As a holiday that is celebrated every year, we can fully expect new items to be added to bring freshness and uniqueness to our Christmas. For example, last year, new Christmas festive items were added, and new Toy Day items were updated. More information on this year's new Christmas items will be updated here as they are announced, so stay tuned!

ACNH Toy Day Jingle’s Rewards 2022

During the Toy Day Event, help the organizer - Jingle to complete the task of a gift delivery, and of course you can get some rewards:

  • Festive Wrapping Paper DIY Recipe (Talk with Jingle on Toy Day)

  • Toy Day Stockings (Give Festive Wrapping Paper To Jingle)

  • Gift Pile DIY Recipe (Deliver 50% Presents to Villager for Jingle)

  • Toy Day Sleigh (Deliver All Presents to Villager for Jingle)

  • Jingle's Photo (Check your Toy Day Stockings on December 25th)

ACNH Christmas Toy Items 2022

Throughout the whole month of December, there are eight different Christmas Toy Set furniture items to buy and acquire from Nook’s Cranny store, each with 4-8  colors different variations and styles to choose from:

  • Dinosaur Toy (2,400 Bells)

  • Dollhouse (4,000 Bells)

  • Kids’ Tent (4,500 Bells)

  • Mini Circuit (3,800 Bells)

  • Pop-Up Book (2,000 Bells)

  • Puppy Plushie (2,400 Bells)

  • RC Helicopter (3,600 Bells)

  • Tin Robot (3,500 Bells)

  • Set of Stockings (2,000 Bells)

ACNH Christmas Costume Items 2022

Starting from the 15th of December, there are 6 Reindeer and Santa outfits from the Able Sisters shop, also if you want to enjoy festive fashion at Christmas, dress up with the exciting Christmas theme clothes:

  • Santa Hat (2,000 Bells in Able Sisters)

  • Santa Coat (2,600 Bells in Able Sisters)

  • Santa Pants (2,150 Bells in Able Sisters)

  • Santa Beard (1,480 Bells in Able Sisters)

  • Reindeer Hat (1,120 Bells in Able Sisters)

  • Reindeer Costume (1,700 Bells in Able Sisters)

  • Holiday Sweater (1,800 Bells in Able Sisters or 1,600 Poki in Happy Home Paradise apparel shop)

  • Festive Dress (2,400 Bells in Able Sisters)

  • Reindeer Sweater (1,680 Bells in Able Sisters or 1,500 Poki in Happy Home Paradise apparel shop)

  • Festive-tree Dress (2,240 Bells in Able Sisters)

ACNH Christmas Festive Furniture Items (Ornament DIY Recipes) 2022

Starting from December 15th to January 6th, you can obtain Festive items from Jingle or Villager, or collect special festive seasonal crafting materials: Ornaments (Red, Blue, Gold) and related recipes (from Jingle or  Flying balloon presents) to craft the Christmas theme furniture. 

  • Festive Wreath (Free from your villager from December 15th to 31st)

  • Festive Wrapping Paper (DIY)

  • Gift Pile (DIY)

  • Festive Top Set (DIY)

  • Holiday Candle (DIY)

  • Tabletop Festive Tree (DIY)

  • Festive Tree (DIY)

  • Big Festive Tree (DIY)

  • Illuminated Snowflakes (DIY)

  • Illuminated Present (DIY)

  • Illuminated Reindeer (DIY)

  • Illuminated Tree (DIY)

  • Ornament Mobile (DIY)

  • Ornament Wreath (DIY)

  • Jingle Wall (DIY)

  • Festive Rug (DIY)

This is what you can do at Animal Crossing New Horizons during Christmas Toy Day, if you want to enjoy the holiday and collect these Xmas Theme items, don't miss a single moment.


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