ACNH Version 2.0.6 Patch Update Guide - 2.0.6 Release Date, Bug Fixes & Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons
11/16/2022 9:32:08 AM

Nintendo dropped a patch update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, bringing New Horizons up to version 2.0.6. This is the first update since February 9 months ago. This is only an ACNH 2.0.6 patch update, and Nintendo is being extremely vague and mysterious about what this update actually includes. In this ACNH version 2.0.6 patch update guide, we talk about the release date and everything we know so far.


ACNH Patch 2.0.6 Release Date

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ver. 2.0.6 update was released on November 14, 2022.

ACNH Ver 2.0.6 Update Bug Fixes Revealed

Typically their ACNH 2.0.6 patch notes include all of the new content added in the update and list all of the bugs and glitches they have fixed. However this time, their patch notes simply read, several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience. This usually means Nintendo has addressed bugs they don’t really deem to be main features such as spawn rates for example. However, it does sometimes mean they are addressing issues regarding the game's security or compatibility with server networks and things like that. 


ACNH 2.06 Patch Items Revealed

So although patch updates have added items in the past, like the Katrina Items, this one is adding any new content. Now, this is reinforced by the fact, Splatoon 2, ARMS, Super Mario Marker 2, and Animal Crossing New Horizons all received the same, extremely vague update. So, for that reason, it is much more likely to update something on the backend of the games, rather than content. Of course, the update has only been available for a few hours,  and we will sure data miners are already looking into it, so who knows, maybe some new items and features were added, but we’ll have to wait and see. 


If anything is announced or revealed surrounding version 2.0.6, we will be the first to put out an Animal Crossing version 2.0.6 patch update guide, so stay tuned for that. If you need to buy cheap ACNH bells, welcome to



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