Animal Crossing Daily Events - TOP 15 Things You Should Do In ACNH Every Day
2/3/2023 11:29:29 AM

To go over 15 things that you can do on your Animal Crossing Island every single day, now these activities are for anybody at any playing level whether you are a beginner at this game or you are a complete veteran, that you can do every single day on your Island whether it be maintenance activities you name it by the time you're done watching this guide, you will not have any shortage of ideas of what to do.

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Animal Crossing Daily Events - TOP 15 Things You Should Do In ACNH Every Day 

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 1. Shake trees and hit rocks

The first thing that you can do on your Island every single day is Shake trees and hit rocks, not only will you get many materials from doing this, but you have a chance of getting very valuable things from doing such you can obtain furniture that falls from trees when you shake them as well as some bells that may fall too when hitting rocks keep in mind that you have a daily money rock where you can make a few extra Bells while doing your work, you may also hit your rocks and get things such as gold very valuable who doesn't love gold in Animal Crossing, so don't forget to shake your trees and hit your rocks,

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 2. Look for fossils

Look for fossils, have you ever walked around your Island, and seen that Little Star on the ground well, you have a chance of digging up a fossil from one of those spots with this you can keep it in your storage or you can bring it to blathers, and he can assess them, and if you are lucky, you will be able to put a new item into your Museum, if you look for fossils every day, and you get blathers to assess them and you put them into your Museum, you will start to see a build-up day by day, you may think that things that you're donating right now isn't a whole lot, but as time goes on you will begin to see a lot of changes with your Museum so dig those fossils.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 3. Digging of things 

Speaking of digging of things that are in the ground, you can also look for Money Trees well not the money tree itself, if you're walking around your Island and you see a little glowing Speck from the ground this indicates that there are some Bells buried underneath it, once you dig it up you have the option to either keep the bells for yourself or you can bury them back in the hole, and they will triple, so as you can see put 10 000 back in the hole, and eventually it will have 30 000 Bells whenever the tray is fully grown.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 4. Talk to your villagers 

The next one it is to talk to your villagers every single day, sometimes they can even give you certain items which is always a bonus, if you create a strong enough bond between you and your villager, then they will eventually give you a picture of themself, so if you love your villagers and you want to get that strong friendship with them talking to them every single day is the key moving on to.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 5. Check your shop for new items  

To check your shop for new ACNH items every single day your Shop's items will update, so there's always something fresh, and there's always something new for you to buy, so you don't have duplicates of a lot of things not to say that things won't show up again eventually, but you'll have something new to look forward to every single day, you can also check the cabinets as there is a lot of variety that comes with that as well such as new types of flowers new watering cans umbrellas and more and while you are in that shop.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 6. Check your turnip prices

To check your turnip prices getting into the habit of checking your Turner prices every day will in turn become very handy for you, as you will be less likely to forget when you want to sell your actual turnips,  these prices change twice a day except for Sundays when you can't sell your turnips, you can get a serious profit out of watching your prices carefully and jumping at them at the right time, it's always good to be patient with this, but if you see a great opportunity, then go for it,  because you and your wallet will benefit from it greatly.  

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 7. To try and catch new fish and bugs 

To try and catch new fish and bugs, personally fishing and catching bugs never get old, if there is something new that can donate to the museum not only is it fun to do these two things, but seeing your critipedia grow is very rewarding in a way, if feels very nice when seeing the progress of the hard work that has put into fishing and catching bugs, and if you fish and catch bugs every single day you too will see this progress.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 8. Water your flowers daily

To water your flowers daily, if it rains on your Island there's no need to water your flowers for that day, as they are all going to be watered and ready for the next day, if you water your flowers consistently, then you are going to have a much higher chance of your flowers breeding the way you want them to or to have more variety of flowers, this is a very crucial step, don't forget to water your flowers daily.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 9. To tend to your crops 

To tend to your crops much like watering your flowers and tending to your crops is a very nice and fun activity to do your crops will flourish, and so will your recipes, personally, this task is very calming, and take care of the crops in the game.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 10. To go on Mystery Island Adventures with Captain

To go on Mystery Island Adventures with Captain, have access to so many things that you may not have on your Island right now, sometimes you will find new crops on Captain Islands, new flowers, new bushes, new fruits you name it, you'll probably find something new on cap and Islands, you also get to be serenaded by him on the water on the way there, so that's a plus too, maybe if you like cabin when coming back from Mystery Island trip with Captain that always has something in the inventory that is very helpful, just need it in general, so highly recommend going to mystery Island with Captain every day but keep in mind this is only once a day and it does cost 1 000 miles.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 11. To visit Herb's Island

Something that has to do a lot more on the time is to visit Herb's Island, as you can see by the people here, and the amount of stuff that is on Harv's Island, but on hars island, you can bring vendors to it, so that you can have access to them as they are there and whenever they're not on your Island, personally, there are also fun Act activities one that just did which is photography, which is really nice and fun, so that is also something you can do every single day on your Island visit Harv's Island.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 12. Work on your builds

This next one is to work on your builds, basically, the whole plot of Animal Crossing, now it's pretty self-explanatory, but working on your builds is a very good thing to do to make your Island, look the way you want it to and to keep feeling inspired every single day, this is the main reason coming back to Animal Crossing, if it weren't for the things that could do with building and being creative and putting the ideas onto the actual game, then would have many purposes for Animal Crossing, so if you have done everything and you are looking for something to do working on your builds is always an option.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 13. To collect and sell valuables

To collect and sell valuables, now you already collecting some materials from hitting rocks and trees gold iron Stone, and Clay are pretty good ones to sell, especially the iron and gold, so capitalize on the natural materials that you gather around your Island, and work to sell those fruits that are not native to your Island sell for more than the native fruit would so look into that as well.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 14. Random characters 

To the random characters that may visit your Island, these include characters, such as Leaf label kicks Sahara and more they each specialize in something different so each time, they come to your Island they will offer you something new.

ACNH Daily Things Should DO - 15. Talk to your random character that comes to your Island 

Talk to your random character that comes to your Island every single day and hanging out with your villagers is not only adorable, but it can also benefit you greatly sometimes when you walk into your villager's house, they may be cooking or building something hang around, because they will offer you this DIY, if you already have it, then they will offer it to you anyways, as you can have an extra, maybe you can give to somebody you know or have it for Keepsake, but if you don't have it, then there you go, you just earned yourself a new DIY, there is always something new to find with your DIY wise, and it's very special coming from your villagers as well, so make sure to visit your villagers and hang out with them, and it will benefit you and you may get something more than just a nice friendship.

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