Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2023 - Update Online In ACNH
2/8/2023 10:23:31 AM

Two features that were totally new to Animal Crossing New Horizons could have really affected, how playing online in the game. Online in Animal Crossing New Horizons has always had some issues when first learned about it, it seemed incredibly exciting. 

Animal crossing new horizons update

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2023 - Update Online In ACNH 

1. Play online ACNH with up to eight people

As one of the first things, Nintendo really shared is that you'd be able to play online with up to eight people which was a pretty significant upgrade from the four that you could play within all of the past Animal Crossing games. At this stage, to do online with friends after all in Animal Crossing New Leaf, there was so much to do online, for example, you could go to tautomer's Island and play a whole bunch of different mini-games.

2. Playing online ACNH 

When the game did launch, actually there wasn't a ton to do online. Honestly, there were no longer any mini-games or special places to go, you would have to stick around your own Island and make up your own fun. Animal Crossing New Horizons players have definitely done that in so many different creations of ways, but in spite of there not being a ton to do online, in terms of what Nintendo officially implemented in the game, there was definitely one thing that got people playing online in their masses, this was of course the trading aspect of the game Animal Crossing New Horizons for the first time allowed us to place Furniture Outdoors. 

3. ACNH items trading

Of course, people wanted to get so much of it, they could decorate their Islands which was pretty much the biggest part of this game, like Nookazuna appears out of the fact that this was such a huge part of Animal Crossing New Horizons after all ACNH items came in, so many different variants and some were much harder to find than others, so having other players to trade with was incredibly helpful and to this day, trading is still a really big part of the game new players.

Of course, get their hands on many of the ACNH items that are available, and there are still thriving online communities, but it could be argued that this new feature added to Animal Crossing New Horizons way.

4. Rhys and Cyrus's customization shop on ACNH Harps Island

Later on, could have effectively killed the online experience for them,  as they would no longer need to trade, this feature is Rhys and Cyrus's customization shop on Harps Island, effectively Cyrus can customize any item that you've got in the game,  as long as it has customizations available, and all you need to do is give him your Bells something that most people tend to have a lot of no longer do you need customization kits, and no longer do you need to go out and search for a specific variant of a piece of furniture, because Cyrus can make that happen for you no matter what version you've got.

This is probably one of the best quality-of-life upgrades that ever got in Animal Crossing New Horizons, despite the fact that it did kind of kill one aspect of online playing for a lot of people. 

There are still plenty of communities online that revolve around trading items, because it is a lot of fun to trade with other people and see what items you can exchange, but for a lot of people, this Cyrus feature definitely stopped them from playing online as much in terms of trading. So many different animal crossing item variants back in the day, but once this feature unlocked with Cyrus, it was a fantastic addition to the game, and if people don't want to do it this way, they still can trade online with others which is definitely great, now to bet that some people might be thinking well, you can change any item to a different variant that you want, but how do you actually get your hands on some of these Animal Crossing New Horizons items that you can't find well.

5. Allows you to purchase any item in ACNH 

Another feature that was added with version 2.0, specifically in happy own Paradise address this as well, this happened to be Wardell's catalog which pretty much allows you to purchase any item in the entire game with the exception of crafted items, if you unlock them by designing a home in happy in Paradise, then they'll become available in his catalog, and you can easily purchase them using the currency in that particular mode, once again online took a big hit when The Siege has added.

Now of course, not everyone has a happy home Paradise, not everyone will be able to enjoy, what this feature has to offer and they'll still need to trade for those items, but a lot of people who are paying for Nintendo switch online, probably paid for the DLC as well once again, this feature is another absolutely fantastic quality of life upgrade.

In some ways, this catalog does make it almost a little bit too easy to get any Animal Crossing item that you want in the game, especially as the currency isn't hard to get at all, you only need to do one home or such, and you'll get a whole bunch of it, especially if you've progressed a lot through the story, aspects like this really highlight why Animal Crossing online really needed more features to enjoy, especially things like mini-games that you could play with your friends above all else. 

This is probably would have added to Animal Crossing New Horizons, if could have had one more thing, but now that this isn't the path that Nintendo wanted to go down for the game, it's really cool, though how Animal Crossing New Horizons players Honestly made the most of what had with these online services.

Creating all kinds of fun challenges online, and of course, creating online trading communities, so people would have a chance to find some of the items and Villages that they wanted speaking of villager trading.


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