How to Change Villager House Exterior in ACNH - Animal Crossing Villager Home Customization

6/27/2023 3:53:01 PM

Can you remodel your resident house in Animal Crossing New Horizons? If yes, how to unlock the ability? Today we’ll walk you through the steps for how to change and customize villager house exteriors in ACNH and the size of villager homes. 

Can you Change or Customize the Villager House Exterior in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

You are going to be able to customize the interior of villager homes if you have Happy Home Paradise, can you change the villager house exterior in ACNH? Yes, you can. If you have a villager that you love but you can’t stand the look of their house, you can customize or remodel their houses to exactly how you want. Remodeling or redesigning villager homes is a good method to remove anything that you don’t like. Once you finished the customization, you’ll receive 1,000 Nook Miles as the reward in the mail the day after you have done that. 

How to Change & Remodel Villager House Exterior in ACNH?

Players who have completed the main storyline of the Happy Home Paradise DLC are able to remodel the outside of resident homes on your island. 

1. In Happy Home Paradise, there are several different buildings that you have to create, including a school, a restaurant, a cafe, and a hospital. The ability to customize villager home exteriors and interiors does not unlock until you’ve rolled credits on Happy Home Paradise, which is after you have designed 30 different homes and finished all of the different buildings that Lottie wants you to create. 

2. Once you’ve rolled the credits and you go back to your island, you’ll get a phone call from Tom Nook the next day to ask you to see him, walk into Resident Services and Tom Nook will be there, he will allow you to pick any villager that you want to customize their home, this needs costs 9,000 Animal Crossing bells, but he will give you Nook Miles in return after you complete the customization.

3. When Tom Nook asks you did you want to start with the home’s interior or its exterior, you can go with the Exterior option. 

How to Change Villager House Exterior in ACNH

4. Once you've chosen your villager, the customization screen pops up and you have the four different villager home options to choose from, you can pick everything from the roofing, the siding, the doors, and even a door decoration. But you can’t use the larger design options like you can when customizing your own home. There are so many options with this, you can really design anything you want for your villager homes. You can also customize the inside of their homes, there are tons of customization options. 

Animal Crossing Villager Home Customization 1

ACNH Villager House Size & Dimensions

Compared to other buildings in Animal Crossing New Horizons, villager homes are relatively small, it is 4x4 (4 wide by 4 long exteriors), the same as the campsite. Unlike Vacation Homes, you can’t change the size of the room in a villager's home. If you want to relocate the unwanted villager houses, you need to pay 10,000 bells.

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