How To Make Villagers Get Married in ACNH | Animal Crossing Marriage Guide

7/1/2023 6:41:09 PM

Can two villagers date and get married in Animal Crossing? Can you marry a villager in Animal Crossing? In this article let's explore the marriage in the Animal Crossing New Horizons islands and try to get your favorite villagers to date and form a love relationship.

Can Villagers Get Married In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Can a villager fall in love with you or another villager in ACNH? This question has been a topic of interest among players ever since the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Initially, marriage appeared to be strictly prohibited, both between the player and villagers, as well as between villagers themselves. Wedding ceremonies were limited exclusively to Reese and Cyrus, with no provision for players to arrange weddings within the game. However, with the introduction of the 2.0 update, rumors began circulating that villagers now have the ability to develop romantic relationships with each other in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

And recently, the Youtuber Popendo posted two very interesting videos proving that marriage relationships exist in the ACNH islands. Who said LOVE doesn't exist in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Let's take a look at how he made villagers get married in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

How To Get A Villager Marry With Other Villager in ACNH?

There's so much drama in villager interactions that we again recommend that you observe your villagers enough, especially whenever they interact with each other. And then you can give some help in their love life:

  • In this below video, Marshal seems to hint at his interest;

  • So Popendo decided to post Marshal's photo to Peanut;

  • Peanut's reaction to the gift suggests that the feeling is mutual;

  • It wasn't long before the two squirrels had their first date in a restaurant

  • Then they got married in the Wedding Season in June

  • Note: Weddings seem to only take place in June

Check out more details with Popendo’s Video:

How You Get Married With Your Villager in ACNH?

Currently, weddings in the game are limited exclusively to Reese and Cyrus, leaving players without the option to host their own in-game wedding ceremonies. Popendo thought this was unfair and used a trick in the game to successfully hold a wedding with his villager. Let’s check out how to do:

  • Help Reese and Cyrus to commemorate their wedding anniversary by setting up a photo shoot during the wedding season

  • Then in the wedding venue that was arranged for Reese and Cyrus, rotate the villager and yourself face to face

  • Then “Start the party with this Set”, you and your villager with start the wedding

Check out more details with Popendo’s Video:

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