Animal Crossing Football Rug Image
Shopping information for Football Rug
Orderable from Catalog: No
Buy Price: Bells 2000 Bells
Sell Price: Bells 500 Bells
Drop-Off Box Sell Price: Bells 0 Bells
Football Rug Variations
Football Rug
0.1 USD
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Animal Crossing New Horizons Football Rug is a type of 2.0 Items, you need to pay 2000 bells for using it in the game, or choose to buy Animal Crossing Football Rug on AKRPG with 0.1USD. Cheap Animal Crossing items for sale with enough stock here, choose the quantities you want, you’ll receive it with best ACNH Football Rug price in the shortest time. It’s not easy to make a large amounts of Animal Crossing New Horizons BELLS, knowing how to sell and how many bells is every item worth will make difference. Sell the Football Rug to Tommy in Resident Services when you don’t require it, 500 bells can be earned.
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