ACNH 5-Star Natural Cottagecore Town - Best Animal Crossing Island Ideas

1/18/2021 10:56:32 PM

This is a 5-star rustic & pastel natural cottagecore rural island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is full of the beauty of nature and has many areas with cottagecore aesthetics such as a musical fountain park, mini outdoor library, Japanese style Zen Garden, and fairycore garden. The fountain park is cleverly placed with multiple sets of tables, chairs, and tea sets for the villagers to rest, simple but very soft. The creator used Log series ACNH furniture to build a mini but very comfortable open-air library, which can also be said to be a bookstore. On the west side of the island, a Zen Garden full of Japanese characteristics is placed with beautiful bamboo and hot springs. To the east, you will find a fairy core forest created using items from the mushroom series. In addition, there is a flower garden full of various hybrid flowers. The ACNH island design has been transformed by numerous waterfalls and cliffs to preserve the natural beauty and combine the beauty of the suburban countryside.

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