ACNH Red Cute Bedroom & Living Room Design | Best Animal Crossing Design Ideas

9/27/2020 8:21:38 PM

If you love the red and cute decoration style, then this very beautiful design will bring you creative inspiration. We have seen many girls put cute furniture (you can easily buy these Animal Crossing items on AKRPG) in their bedroom at ACNH, but few people make the entire cute set furniture with ACNH DIY Recipe in bright red, because this tone may be difficult for you to add other colors to the decoration and achieve harmony. In the design of this room, the designer used beige wallpaper and a pink floor, so that the red furniture did not appear dazzling in the whole room, and even formed a perfect fusion. Coupled with some pink and light-colored decorations such as bears, the whole room is full of warm and romantic atmosphere, which seems to be a Chinese-style wedding room.

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