Animal Crossing Trophy Room & Meeting Room Design - Best ACNH Interior Design Ideas

10/11/2020 6:52:39 PM

This is an amazing Animal Crossing New Horizons Trophy Room with great ACNH room design ideas that also can be used for creating a cottagecore retro meeting room or living room. Similar to the library, you’ll want a lot of old, dark wooden furniture (Trophy Case, Log Set furniture, Brown Iron-parquet Flooring, Chocolate Hallway Wall, Dark Brown Fireplace, Brown Imperial Chest) to give this room some character. Maybe a desk, a few bookshelves, and a few of your favorite specimens on display. Make sure to purchase the different models from Flick and CJ, along with the mounted heads of bugs for your walls. Or you can buy all this items from the best Animal Crossing Items Store - AKRPG.COM.

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