ACNH Horror Spooky Island Monitoring Room Design - Best Animal Crossing Design Ideas

10/21/2020 4:55:59 PM

Halloween is here. Bring ghosts and horror to your island, we’ve seen some pretty cool haunted houses bouncing around the Animal Crossing community. If you're a fan of horror movies, there are many settings you could recreate within the rooms of your home, such as a weird monitoring room. While similar to the dungeon you'll need to rely a lot on custom designs to really sell the terrifying concept of your home, like in this design, the creator used the Animal Crossing custom design on the wall to emerge wall of surveillance pictures. Along with skeletons, decorate around your house with spooky items that can be pretty creepy in the right lighting. If you want to get haunted theme items, go to buy cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons items. And if you want to visit some spooky island during Halloween season, find the best ACNH Halloween Horror Island Dream Codes here.

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