ACNH Antique Shop (Collection Room) Designs - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Ideas

11/10/2020 8:09:00 PM

This is a collection room with an oriental classical flavor in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It can also be said to be an antique shop or a grocery store. Here you can find all kinds of artworks such as Famous Painting, villager posters like Coco's Poster & Elvis's Poster, collectibles such as Trilobite, and old-fashioned small items. For a collection store like this, you need all kinds of retro furniture and objects to enrich the entire space and increase the cultural atmosphere. Dark tones are perfectly used in this decoration, adding color to the elegant art. Of course, you also need to add some furniture such as sofas and TV sets to provide a resting area. In short, if you love art and collection, you should own this room. Don't worry about all the decorative Animal Crossing items you can easily get on AKRPG.COM

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