ACNH Best Small Open Kitchen Living Room - Indoor Design Ideas Animal Crossing

12/5/2020 4:13:57 PM

Looking to create a modern living room-kitchen combination in Animal Crossing New Horizons but don't know where to start? This video brings some inspiration on designing the best small open kitchen living room. Check out the combined kitchen and living room interior design ideas. 

We can see the living room and kitchen are in one room and they bring a sense of space, we use the combination of colors, furniture and other decorative accessories to set the whole area so that one of the two rooms without losing their personality. The whole room is covered with beige color, we add some modern ACNH furniture items, a cute white Microwave is placed on the Wooden Mini Table, we choose the Box Corner Sofa and place the popular Iron Garden Table in front of it. A Teddy Bear is sitting near the fireplace. We also have a popular cutting board on the table. In this small open kitchen living room, both areas are close to both, but still optically separated.

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