Antique ACNH Library & Bookstore Design Ideas - Best Animal Crossing Room Designs

2/26/2021 11:39:04 AM

These are the best wooden library & bookstore design ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Looking around, the whole antique ACNH indoor library is lined up with a set of wood furniture such as Antique Console Table, Antique Mini Table, Antique Clock, Antique Table, Antique Bureau and Wooden Bookshelf adds a flair of classical. This is the best Animal Crossing indoor library and bookstore that provides people a quiet and peaceful place to read and study.  Lattice Wall with the combination of brown wood furniture created retro rooms for the ACNH library. Do you like these great library & bookstore design ideas for Animal Crossing rooms? If you do this fantastic ACNH interior, 1 Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket could take you here! 

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