ACNH Pink Cute Vaporwave Kidcore House Ideas | Best Animal Crossing Cute Room Designs

5/10/2021 11:51:09 AM

Here we share you a super cute kidcore bedroom with glamorous design ideas! Kidcore is one of the top island themes in Animal Crossing New Horizons, a fantasy cute kidcore house is a dream of many girls and child players. Usually it is designed to be colorful or pink tone, and decorated with the series of cut ACNH furniture, which makes people feel joyful and romantic. In this beautiful pink house, the creator used pink-themed decorations and furniture to perfectly create a relaxing space for rest and entertainment. Pink-crown Wall, Cute White-tile Flooring, Mush Rug, Lacy Rug and Cherry-blossom-petal Pile on floor light up the entire sumptuous space, while White-Pink Cute Bed, Cute Chair, Cute Wardrobe, Cute Vanity, Cute Sofa, Cute Floor Lamp is indispensable to this lovely room. In addition, put some puppets such as Papa Bear, Cat Tower, Mom's Plushie enhance more likeable childishness. If you want to make it more functional, of course don't forget to put a pink desk computer, humidifier and Accessories Stand on the table. And in this design, some vaporwave vibe is achieved with pink Rocket Lamp and Starry Garlands.

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