Outer Space Themed ACNH Kidcore Interior Design - Best Blue Starry ACNH Living Room Idea

9/2/2021 9:47:00 AM

Do you yearn for vast outer space? Most of us do not clear what it looks like and tends to imagine a romantic starry sky, and blue is the representative color of the sky. Inspired by outer space and starry night, here is an ACNH living room design idea for children, with a series of blue Animal Crossing New Horizons items such as Starry-sky Wall, Wooden Simple Bed, Wooden Mini Table, Wooden Low Table, Wooden End Table, Mini DIY Workbench, Throwback Rocket, Toy Box, and light yellow Star Clock, Nova Light and Crescent-moon Chair, the user created a gorgeous kidcore interior decor with a lot of childlike. It should be a beautiful and fun place for kids to live in.


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