ACNH Public Restroom & Toilet Design Ideas - How to Use Toilet in Animal Crossing New Horizons

11/13/2021 5:40:34 PM

This is a versatile toilet & bathroom design idea for Animal Crossing New Horizons house interior, kind of like a public restroom. Looking at the ACNH toilet design, which is divided into multiple sections, for taking a bath, washing hands, and going to the toilet. The decoration style tends to be rustic, applying Black-brick Wall and Black-brick Flooring, a row of Standing Toilet and Bathroom Sink, another Toilet is placed individually in the other area. And shower items like Bathroom Towel Rack are prepared. Now, some decorations can be found in ACNH 2.0 items, such as Bathtub with Yuzu and Fancy bathroom vanity, you can buy these ACNH bathroom items at cheap prices at AKRPG. 

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