ACNH Space Themed Room With Stars - Creative Space Themed Bedroom Ideas For Better Sleep

12/11/2021 3:48:17 PM

Do you want to turn your drab and uninteresting ACNH bedrooms into a vibrant space filled with unusual wall art, an appealing design, and a distinct feel? Why not decorate your room with the space theme and add some amazing Animal Crossing d├ęcor items? Bring in space themed bedroom to upgrade the design to the next level. This video showcases some ACNH space themed bedroom ideas for a better sleep.

When it comes to the space theme, a dark blue color palette will never go out of style. Meanwhile, Throwback Rocket transports your young men to the galaxy. The wall was nicely covered with a Starry-sky Wall. It gives this kid bedroom character and dynamic look, too. Wood furniture pieces (Wooden Mini Table, Wooden End Table, Wooden Simple Bed, Wooden Low Table, Wooden Mini Table, Mini DIY Workbench) radiate warmth throughout the space.

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