ACNH Sleek Modern Monochrome Rattan Room | Best Animal Crossing 2.0 Room Design Ideas

1/17/2022 6:59:41 PM

If you want to build up a modern, monochrome and sleek living room in your house on Animal Crossing New Horizons, this is the great design idea to go for. The white tone is surely the favorite theme of the people who love modern homes, as it goes with anything easily and brightens up your room. Create this cozy modern living room with just a few steps: place some standard furniture pieces in white, such as Rattan Armchair, Rattan End Table, Rattan Low Table, Rattan Table Lamp, Iron Shelf, Upright Piano, and Box Sofa; keep with the white and black monochrome theme with Gray-striped Wall wallpaper, Birch Flooring, High-end Stereo, and Wood-burning Stove; give the room a bit of color by adding some decorations such as Tabletop Festive Tree, Fan Palm, and lucky cat.

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