ACNH Pink Bedroom Design - Dream Princesscore & Floral House Interior with Sparkling Effect

1/22/2022 2:48:32 PM

Pink islands or pink rooms with cute-theme Animal Crossing furniture always make the room looks adorable and cheerful. Looking at the lovely, princesscore bedroom design in Animal Crossing New Horizons, even with a sparkling effect in the night,  it collecting a diversity of cute items from Mermaid set to Bunny Day set to Cute set, including Cute Bed, Cute Floor Lamp, Cute Wall-mounted Clock, Cute Wardrobe, Bunny Day tree, Mermaid Dresser, and Mermaid Vanity, as well as the pink Desktop Computer and Wedding Candle Set. The floral flooring, wallpaper, and rug blend well with the pink decor. You may get more inspiration from other pink ACNH room design ideas at AKRPG. 

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