Top 3 ACNH Best Room Design Ideas 2024 | Animal Crossing New Horizons Room Tour

2/29/2024 11:33:40 AM

Ready for the best Animal Crossing New Horizons room design ideas in 2024? The first room presented is a classic modern living room, with a sleek grand piano against the back wall, flanked by leather double sofas, a low ironwood coffee table on a wooden floor, and a red area rug. Moving to the cute girl's bedroom is filled with cute elements like a Retro Dotted Rug, a light wooden simple bed dressed in green and piled with plush teddy bears alongside floral wallpaper. Finally, a Japanese-inspired living room showcases botanical rug mats covering the floor, where rattan themed furniture is placed all over this room. All tying the spaces together through their unique furnishings and artistic styles.

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