How To Use Animal Crossing Icons & Wallpaper To Custom Your Phone Home Screen Into ACNH NookPhone Layout?

9/23/2020 11:39:42 AM

Want to turn your Phone into Animal Crossing New Horizons Nookphone? How to use Animal Crossing New Horizons theme icons and wallpapaers to customize your own phone home screen into ACNH Nook Phone layout? In this guide, we go over the tutorial in steps to create your own Nook Phone with using your own iPhone or Android devices. Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets and bells at the reliable store -!

Iphone Screem Animal Crossing New Horizons Nookphone Layout

Customize Your Phone Home Screen Into Animal Crossing NookPhone

How to setup Animal Crossing New Horizons NookPhone layout on your own Phone? Now let get into the tutorial:

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How To Setup ACNH Nookphone Layout On Your Android Phone?

You've seen a bunch of Animal Crossing fans converting or customizing their smartphones with the Android system to look exactly like a real-life Nook Phone now. And in this tutorial, we will go over very quickly how you can do exactly that so you can have your very own Nook Phone:

Step 1 - Prepare Some ACNH Theme Icons  & Wallpaper On Your Phone

You can make sure Animal Crossing Icons and wallpaper by yourself if you want or download some from social platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. Then download them into your phone. 

Step 2 - Download Home Screen Custom App - Nova Llauncher to Your Phone

On Android phones, if you want to customize your home screen, you have to download an App. Here we recommend you use Nova Launcher, which is a powerful, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement. 

Step 3 - Customise Your Phone Home Screen Into Nookphone By Change App Icons & Wallpaper

Once you setup the Nova Launcher on your phone, you can simply press on anyone App's Icon, then go to edit the shortcut: there you can upload an ACNH Icon for the App and change the App label as your wish.

How To Setup Animal Crossing Theme Layout On Your iPhone?

Thanks to the latest Apple iOS 14 update that was released last week on most iOS devices, it's now possible to completely customize iPhones using new shortcuts and widgets. 

Step 1 - Make Sure Your iPhone Updated To iOS 14

To customize your iPhone home screen into the Animal Crossing layout with the ACNH themed icons, you should update your iPhone system to the latest version iOS 14 first. 

Step 2 - Download Some Animal Crossing Theme Icons & Wallpapers To Your iPhone

Get all of the assets you want to use for the icons of the apps. Twitter user @okpng has created some which are perfectly suited for what we're looking to achieve. Here is the link if you need:

Simply work your way through the checkout through the link donating if you can, and within a few seconds, you'll be able to download them directly to your device and unzip the file. Surely you don't have to use these assets so you can of course make your own if you really want to or just search and download some from social platforms such as  Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. This will save a lot of time later and if done correctly you should see pretty much all the icons in your photo feed.

Step 3 - Change App Icons On Your iPhone Into ACNH NookPhone Icons

Now creating all Nook Phone icons for the Apps on your phone:

  • 1) Open the shortcuts app on the iPhone, you can either search for it or find it on your home screen. 

  • 2) Once in the app press, the plus button to create a new shortcut. Inside these shortcuts, you're going to want to add an action here, we need to search for an open app because we want to create a workable icon. 

  • 3) Once back to the shortcut, we press choose and select the app which we want to do first.

  • 4) Now once selected press the 3 dots, and then add to the home screen. 

  • 5) Press the icon and select the awesome looking nook phone icon for the App.

  • 6) Next, we can either remove the title of the app or name it whatever we like, then you need to hit next name it something obvious and press done, you will see your shortcut on this screen and that's pretty much the entire process. 

  • 7) Simply repeat this entire step for every icon, making sure you use a new shortcut for each app, for example, you could use amazon for the nook shopping app, the apple maps for the map app, or the settings app for the construction app, and stuff like that you can literally do whatever you want.

Step 3 - Change Your iPhone Wallpaper Into ACNH Themed Image

To make your smartphone look even more like the nook phone you're going to want to add the nook phone wallpaper. 

  • 1) To do this simply hit the construction app or the settings app and head to the wallpapers

  • 2) select the nook phone wallpaper that's part of the asset pack and save it. 

Step 4 - Layout Big Widgets Into Animal Crossing New Horizons Inspired Icons

Now some people might already be happy with the way this looks, but if you want to take it even further you can add a large widget at the top of the screen, this pulls the apps down more accurately matching the layout of the Nook Phone and allows you to add things like reminders or feeds or times and dates or even the weather pretty much whatever you want. A popular widget app to do this is called widgetridoo (download link All we're going to add is an Animal Crossing New Horizons inspired icon and the date which again matches the aesthetics of the Nook Phone. Using the date seems to be very popular within the community because it resembles the titles of the apps on the Nook Phone but again you can do whatever you want.

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