ACNH Wedding Season 2021 - Date, New Items, Rewards, Changes | Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Event
5/3/2021 1:03:31 AM

In June, Reese and Cyrus will return to Animal Crossing New Horizons to celebrating their wedding anniversary at Harv’s Island throughout the month. Let’s dive into the new items and content of ACNH Wedding Season 2021, as well as the release date.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season 2021 Date & Changes

As a part of the April 1.10 Update, the wedding season event of 2021 will take place in Animal Crossing New Horizons again, Reese and Cyrus will celebrate their wedding anniversary at Harv’s Island throughout June. 

Release Date: Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season 2021 is scheduled starting on June 1st, 2021 running for almost a whole month until June 30th! You cannot time travel to the event as it is has been time-locked until the release of Version 1.10.0.a in ACNH June Update.

Changes: During the Wedding Season, players can still earn Heart Crystals to exchange special wedding-themed items by helping the local lovebirds Reese and Cyrus to decorate a room for them and take their wedding photos every day. However, similar to other returned events, a slightly different wedding season event of 2021 will take place. In addition to all the previous items available last year, you'll have a new selection of Wedding Season clothing and furniture to obtain in ACNH Wedding Season 2021. 

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ACNH Wedding Season 2021 New Items

New wedding-themed furniture and fashion items are available for purchasing with bells at the Nook Shopping and Able Sisters stores throughout June:

  • Nuptial Bell

  • Nuptial Ring Pillow

  • Nuptial Doorplate

  • Flower Petal Basket

  • Hakama

  • Shiromuku

  • Tsunokakushi Hat

ACNH Wedding Season 2021 Items - Nuptial Ring Pillow

ACNH Wedding Season 2021 Rewards (Furniture & Clothing)

The actual Wedding Season event rewards found at Photopia appear to have been unchanged this year. There are 24 items in the wedding set you can get by completing the photoshoot for Cyrus or purchase with Heart Crystals:

  • Bridal Veil

  • Blue Wedding Rug

  • Brown Wedding Flooring

  • Brown Wedding Wall

  • Weddding Dress

  • Green Wedding Flooring

  • Green Wedding Wall

  • Reese & Vyrus Photo Plate

  • Wedding Arch

  • Wedding Bench

  • Wedding Cake

  • Wedding Candle Set

  • Wedding Chair

  • Wedding Decoration

  • Wedding Flower Stand

  • Wedding Head Table

  • Wedding-party Wall

  • Wedding Pipe Organ

  • Wedding Pumps

  • Wedding Shoes

  • Wedding Table

  • Wedding Tuxedo

  • Wedding Welcome Board

  • White Wedding Flooring

  • White Wedding Wall

ACNH Wedding Season 2021 Items

How To Join Wedding Season & Get Rewards?

To get the above wedding season furniture and clothing, you have to help Reese and Cyrus to complete their celebration of anniversary on Harvey’s Island through June:

  • 1. After the event has started, we will have Isabelle who will warn us on the home screen that June is the month of weddings, with a small message of good wishes to all those who are married. We will also be warned that the event will be held on the island of Harvey and therefore, to go there in case we want to participate.

  • 2. After the announcement of Isabelle, just outside our house at the beginning of the game, we will receive a call from Harvey on NookPhone, that informs us that the event on his island has begun.

  • 3. To visit Harvey’s island with Reese & Cyrus, you should head to your Airport, talk with Orville about taking a fly, and select the ‘Visit Harv’s Island’ option

  • 4. Once you arrive at Harvey’s island, you will meet the two alpacas Reese and Cyrus intent on conversing, and they will tell us that they need your help to be able to celebrate their wedding anniversary, which is held during the month of June.

  • 5. After you accept the lovebirds’ request for the first time, Harvey will take you into his Wedding Picture Studio, where they asked you to decorate with a set of Wedding Season furniture.

How To Decorate The Photo Studio for Reese and Cyrus?

  • 1. Just inside the (empty) studio, the way to proceed with the decorations is to talk to Reese: the bride will tell us that she intends to take the first photo of their album with pink and white furniture, but presumably, these colors will vary from day to day.

  • 2. To proceed with the decoration of the studio, the first thing to do is, therefore, press on the arrow key at the bottom of the left joycon, and then press the arrow on the right: in this way, our item catalog will open and we will notice a special section introduced only for this event: that of weddings! In this section, there are some wedding-themed furniture that must be used for the shot, and can clearly be combined with other furniture in our item catalog. 

  • 3. To use each of this furniture no payment is required either in stars or in miles, but clearly, they are items that can only be used in Photopia and therefore, we will not be able to take them with us to our island unless they are purchased using the Heart crystal.

How To Get Heart Crystal?

After we have placed all the furnishing accessories, it is time to take the photo: to do this, simply press the button ZL, and select the "Camera" app from our NookPhone. Once this is done, we choose the frame we prefer and take the photo with +. Let's make sure, of course, to frame the two alpacas and take as many themed items as Reese requests.

After carrying out the shooting, let's talk to the bride, who will reward us with heart crystal, in a variable number according to her liking of the photo taken. In the event that we have to take several photos, only the last one will be evaluated by Reese.

Reese’s Reward

Once the shooting is over, the bride will know how to be grateful for our hard work and will reward us with exclusive items built by her husband, Cyrus, and the heart crystal, essential for obtaining the items of the subsequent photo sessions.

Daily Themes of the Shooting

Every day, Reese will ask us for a different shooting giving us indications on the colors of the furniture to use: in reality, these compositions correspond to a very specific wedding theme, which varies from day to day and is the same for all players.

Below you can consult the list of all the themes proposed day by day: the guide will be updated as soon as we get new information, so it does not yet cover all 30 days.

How To Get Maximum Heart Crystal & All Wedding Season Event Items?

Each time we complete a photo and show it to Reese, we will be rewarded with different heart crystals, variable according to the bride's liking for the photo. The number of heart crystal available daily varies from 5 to 11, and the event can be repeated every day.

In this case, unlike other events, it is not enough to participate in the event just one day to get all the prizes up for grabs: the heart crystal can be used to buy from a special item set, the 26 unique wedding-themed pieces of furniture from the event, and a total of 261 heart crystals are required to obtain at least one unit of each item.

Maximum Number of Heart Crystals You Need For All Wedding Items

Excluding clothing and therefore, if you want to get only the furniture, 197 heart crystals will be needed, instead only 101 are required if we also exclude the floors, wallpaper and carpets.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that several exclusive items have color variations: if we wanted to obtain all the variations for each customizable item excluding all other items, then we will have to use 303 heart crystals!

There is no need to worry, however: from time to time, in fact, it is possible to obtain some item of the event completely free of charge, so let's be sure to check the catalog every day!

Number Of Exclusive Items

In the beginning, in the catalog dedicated to the purchase of exclusive wedding items for the event, we will notice that there will be only 5 of the 26 mentioned above.

Don't be alarmed: the set will in fact be expanded as we complete the various photographic sets requested by Reese, so it is important to check the proposed item set day by day.


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