ACNH June (Summer) Update 2021 - New Events, Seasonal Items, DIY Recipes In Animal Crossing New Horizons
5/5/2021 12:05:10 PM

With the release of the 1.10.0 update, in Animal Crossing New Horizons, a bunch of new holidays and refreshed events occurring from May to the end of July have been revealed. In this post, let’s focus on the in-game content we are going to get in ACNH June Update 2021, which including the latest confirmed events and items. 


ACNH June Update 2021 - Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update 2021

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, starting from June, the islands in the northern hemisphere will enter summer again, and the southern hemisphere will usher in winter. As summer begins, the nights are getting shorter, the green of leaves and grass is turning to darder, tons of rare bugs and fish have made theri way to your island, and sunny weather such as Rainbows at the beach is perfect for hanging out on the beach or having a picnic with friends. Summer brings with it a whole host of new activities to do and items to collect, and new bugs native to the island. Follow us to discover all details of the first batch of Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update 2021.

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ACNH June Seasonal Events and Items (2021)

No doubt, a host of new holidays and refreshed seasonal events will be updated in June to keep Animal Crossing New Horizons busy in collecting new and old furniture and clothing:

Wedding Season

Date: June 1 to June 31

Items: Wedding Clothing and Items

The first big event returning in June is the Wedding Season, again, it runs for the entire month from June 1st to June 30th. Some of these seasonal items will be available for sale on Nook Stop, including the Nuptial Bell, Nuptial Ring Pillow, Nuptial Door Plate, and the awesome Flower Petal Basket. These items are not to be confused with the items available from the events returning from last year that features Reese and Cyrus though. Furthermore, if that’s wasn’t enough, wedding items for you the Able Sisters will also be offering some brand new and exclusive wedding season clothing items at their store, which are probably more linked to the actual wedding event with Reese and Cyrus rather than the seasonal event. Check out more details about ACNH Wedding Season 2021.

June’s Bride

Date: June 1 to June 31

Items: Hakama, Shiromuku, Tsunokakushi, Nuptial Bell, Nuptial Ring Pillow, Nuptial Door Plate, Flower Petal Basket (NEW)

June’s Bride is technically the wedding season’s counterpart but does see brand new exclusive items available during the event just like other seasonal items.

ACNH Wedding Season Items 2021

International Children's Day

Date: June 1 to June 30

Items: Handmade Crown, Handmade Cape

Much like last year, International Children's Day (a holiday which celebrates children all over the world) will be celebrated again, which brings two items available for purchase at Nook Shopping for the entire month of June.

ACNH International Children's Day 2021 Items

Father's Day

Date: June 1 to June 30

Items: Thank-You Dad Mug, Thank-You Dad Apron (NEW)

This year, Father's Day falls on June 20th, the third Sunday of June.If you haven’t gotten your limited time Father’s Day items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons yet, remember to buy them from Nook Shopping with bells through June. 

ACNH Father's Day Items 2021

Tangobushi (Boy's Day)

Date: June 5 to June 14

Items: Festival Zongzi (NEW), Surichwi Tteok (NEW)

In honor of the Tangobushi which is celebrated on May 5 of the lunar calendar, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons we will have the opportunity to order new seasonal items dedicated to the Dragon Boat Festival and the Dano Festival from the Nook Shopping, in the period between 5 and June 14.

Summer Solstice

Date: June 15 to June 21 (Northern Hemisphere)

Items: Sunflower Crown, Sunflower Rug

On the occasion of the summer solstice on June 20 and December 21, as regards the southern hemisphere, the Sunflowers Crown (Yellow) and the Sunflower Carpet will be available for purchase from the Nook Shopping. The flower crown is typical of the midsommar celebrations in Sweden, while the carpet celebrates the beautiful sunflowers, typically summer flowers that love to be kissed by the warm sun.

Winter Solstice

Date: June 15 to June 21 (Southern Hemisphere)

Items: Midwinter Sweater, Aurora Wall

On the occasion of the winter solstice on 21 December and 20 June, as far as the southern hemisphere is concerned, the Midwinter Sweater (Beige) and the Aurora borealemuro wall will be available for purchase from the Nook Catalog northern Lights. The patterns of the sweater and this enchanting wall take us back to the countries of the north, where wearing warm clothes you can witness the Northern Lights in winter.

Flick's Bug-Off

Date: June 26 (Northern Hemisphere)

Alongside the seasonal holidays, in Northern Hemisphere, Flick's returning back to the Plaza for the monthly Bug Off in June. He can be found near Resident Services and will be about on June 26th. Players can join the event and earn points that can be traded for special items. 

ACNH June DIY Recipes & Crafting Items

Meanwhile, with the season turns to summer and the weather becomes warmer, new DIY recipes and crafting items are available for obtaining. So if you miss the time to collect the June DIY items in last year, it’s a great time to get the below DIY recipes:

Summer Shell Recipes

Date: June 1 to August 31st

Alongside the starting of Summer, the Summer Shell season kicks off on June 1st and runs to the end of August. If you want to craft the shell furniture set, go to find Summer Shells on the shores of your island, and collect shell-themed DIY recipes in Bottles found on the beach or given to you by villagers.

Full List of Summer Shell Items:

  • South Seas Wall

  • Water Floor

  • Underwater Flooring

  • Shell Wand

  • Shell Pochette

  • Starry Sand Floor

  • Shell Wreath

  • Underwater Wall

Winter Snowflake DIY Recipes

Date: June 11 to August 24th

On the contrary, start from June 11, snowflakes are going to fall in the southern hemisphere, and it's time to collect some for making fascinating ice themed items. 

List of Ice Themed Items:

  • Snowflake Wreath

  • Ski Slope Flooring

  • Drifting Ice Flooring

  • Ice Candy

  • Ice Chair

  • Ice Counter

  • Ice Table

  • Ice Bed

  • Ice Partition

  • Ice Arch

  • Ice Pillar

  • Ice Sculpture

  • 3 Tier Snowman

  • Ice Wallpaper

  • Ice Flooring

  • Snowman Hat

  • Ice Wand

ACNH June Summer Bugs, Fishes, Sea Creatures

Summer is the great time to earn bells by capturing in Animal Crossing New Horizons, as a ton of rare bugs, fishes and sea creatures makes their way back to your island, here we sort out the list of new bugs, fishes and sea creatures appearing in June:

New Bugs In June

Northern Hemisphere

  • Drone Beetle

  • Emperor Butterfly

  • Firefly

  • Goliath Beetle 

  • Mosquito

  • Rainbow Stag

Southern Hemisphere

  • Emperor Butterfly

  • Dung Beetle

  • Rajah Brooke's Birdwing

New Fishes In June

Northern Hemisphere

  • Arapaima

  • Arowana

  • Dorado

  • Gar

  • Giant Snakehead

  • Great White Shark

  • Hammerhead Shark

  • Piranha

  • Ribbon Eel

  • Saddled Bichir

  • Saw Shark

  • Suckerfish

  • Tilapia

  • Whale Shark

Southern Hemisphere

  • Pond Smelt

  • Oarfish

  • Sea Butterfly

  • Squid

  • Stringfish

New Sea Creatures In June

Northern Hemisphere

  • Sea Grapes

  • Mussel

  • Gazami Crab

  • Tiger Prawn

Southern Hemisphere

  • Lobster


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