ACNH Cottagecore Wooden House (Rural Cabin) Design - Best Animal Crossing Design Ideas

9/15/2020 11:19:46 AM

Want to build up a cottagecore vibe cabin? Use wooden wall, floor, furniture, plants, and other cottagecore aesthetic items to decorate the room interior. Place wooden items in the house to give a rustic feel. Log Bed, Log Decorative Shelves, Log Round Table, log stools, and barrels are great items. This makes your areas feel more like a woodsy cottagecore house. Choose Animal Crossing items that have personality and are charming, such as books, Portable Record Player, Green Kilim-style Carpet, potted plants and fishes, Wooden Table Mirror, Ironwood Diy Workbench, and lost items. This gives a homey and warm vibe. Want to get more tips on building cottagecore island? Check out our guide of ACNH Cottagecore Designs Ideas here.

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