ACNH Asian-inspired Retro Nostalgic Style Living Room - Best Animal Crossing Room Designs

9/24/2020 8:51:11 PM

Here is the Asian-inspired living room full of retro literary style, if you want to build up these design, buy all ACNH items on AKRPG. This room makes great use of many different odds-and-ends that somehow mesh together under the retro aesthetic. Players can also use the furniture set to give their home a more Asian-inspired aesthetic like the Blue Persian Rug and Arched-window Wall. The most pivotal part of pulling this off as a living room is getting the Fireplace as the centerpiece. The Fireplace can be learned as an Animal Crossing DIY Recipe, likely given to the player by another resident islander or bottle found on the beach. The Bear, Matryoshka, and Portable Record Player are particularly nice touches, especially when paired with the many Animal Crossing plant furniture items, which work to soften things up a bit.

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