ACNH Art Collection Room - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Interior Design Ideas

10/23/2020 7:34:18 PM

This is an excellent art collection room with a creative study design. The use of some classical decorations (Harmonious Wall, Antique Wardrobe, Imperial Dining Chair, Den Desk), artworks, antique, historical relics (Ancient Statue, Tremendous Statue, Mystic Statue), specimen (Artisanal Bug Cage) makes the whole room full of art. You can get all these ACNH theme Packs from AKRPG. Of course, you also need a bookshelf full of famous books. If you love this retro study or collection room with a strong sense of history, then this Animal Crossing room design will definitely make your heartbeat. Of course, we suggest that you can add some bright decorations to make the whole room brighter. 

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